Gears Tactics

I’m a huge XCOM fan, and seeing this was a surprise. A Gears of War game but with tactical combat?

I got Xbox Game Pass for a quid so this is was a steal, and played the first 2 hours. Its REALLY good. XCOM could learn a lot from this. It feels well thought out and the GOW style violence really makes the combat pay off.

Anyone else checked this out?


I definitely plan to! I really love these sorts of games but suck at them Haha

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This one is WAY more forgiving than XCOM. Still has a challenging curve to it but nothing like that game. Definitely a recommend mate.

is it crossplay for any MP?

I was looking at it, but for €60?! I think not.

The RPS review made it sound awesome, but I’ve got too many to play to warrant picking this up just yet.

Microsoft xbox pc gamepass thingy is £4 a month. Loads of good games. It’s the only multi game sub I sign up to now as it’s the cheapest and most added to.

Installed Tactics. Yet to play it.


No multiplayer reno, just campaign.

@NaloaC its far too expensive on its own but it (and about a hundred other games) can be had on game pass for 3.99 a month (what notch said). Its a download service, no streaming crop. I paid a quid yesterday to sign up and downloaded a 60 quid game in an hour :smiley:

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cheers xander. I still need to finish gears 5 any way. Gamepass is great vale if you have an xbox and pc i tell ya lol

(need to do some horde mode with people on gears )

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It works cross play can happily join you on gears 5 :smiley:

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nice!!! lemme know when you wanna have a pop and i might be awake XD