General Space Stuff (Space-X and all that jazz)

Thats mental…didnt realise there were so many out there. Surprised that there have not been any real bad collisions

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I was thinking that but apparently the Sats are placed in orbits designed to miss other Sats they also have fuel on board them its genius its not used to maintain speed like a car as that’s the same speed they have when they left their rocket it’s used to alter course an keep its sphere of orbit basically futuristically space dodgems. I know the yanks an the rushskis had a crash back in 2009 but other than I think it was china’s rocket that just feked up the other year luckily into the ocean

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Wasn’t there a satellite that India blew up using an anti-satellite missile a few years ago and there was uproar as they didn’t notify people, resulting in stress over potential space debris?

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I’m always amazed India has a space program :joy:
I didn’t know they could do that I knew the yanks rushes an China could

I am totally not biased on this topic…


We’re getting closer!