General Space Stuff (Space-X and all that jazz)


Piss! Well, at least I can watch Blade Runner 2049 uninterrupted now.


Static test of the Falcon Heavy rockets.

Fuck yes!


Musk’s tweet regarding the test…

“Falcon Heavy hold-down firing this morning was good. Generated quite a thunderhead of steam. Launching in a week or so.”


Hell, get me the investment money taht he has and I’ll get you to the fekin planet Zoig.


We should have been doing this YEARS ago.

Honestly right now i feel like I’m in the timeline where we never left Earth and got suckered into all sorts of nonsense.

50 years! HALF A CENTURY since we hit the moon (or soon enough - one year from now…)

And we just “stopped”. Now we look inward, when we should be ever seeking outward.

Go on Ol’ Musky. I really want this to take off, in every single sense of the phrase.


It’s ALL about risk (or a tax dodge) on the “investment”. 60’s was a space race as there were thoughts that space was “win”. Now, not so much. It’s priorities for the monies, mate.

I LOVE “pie in the sky” stuffs - don’t dream, can’t achieve. However, it IS all about the monies.


Potential launch date is February 6th, but certainly no earlier than that.
Backup date of February 7th.

These are the earliest launch dates that they can do, but could well slip if any inspections show something awry.



Saw this today just had to laugh
Apparently he has also come out on twitter and declared he’s not going to create a zombie army
Just to sell the flame thrower aswell which is nice


I am so fucking tempted to get that Flamethrower (flame-gun, let’s be honest. That ain’t throwing anything.)


Yet another good Falcon 9 Launch :slight_smile:

Skip to 17:40 for the launch.






“It’s either going to be a great launch, or a the best fireworks show…”

18:00 tonight, our time, fuck yes, bring it.

Livestream will be available straight through SpaceX/YouTube here:


An animation of the what the launch will comprise of, to the wonderful sound of David Bowie :slight_smile:


I read that David Bowie space oddity will be in look on the card radio during the flight.


15 minutes to go! :smiley:



Well that was pretty insane and cool to watch.

Did I read that the car could stay in permanent orbit around Mars?
That’s so going to be put on ebay in 2063.



It’s only a test flight, but they fucking pulled it off! :smiley:

I actually welled up watching it.


That was something . Happy it all went off with no probs.

Those boosters landing with pin point accuracy is always fucking amazing to watch.


That’s a LOT of thrust there…