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Literal history in the making.

For some more context of just how insane it is that they managed to land just one of the boosters, let alone two of them simultaneously and in almost perfect synch:

Saw a press conference where Ol’ Musky explains that there is a Hotwheels Tesla Roadster on the dashboard with a little spaceman in the drivers set!

Still trying to find a source but reports about the main booster seem to conform to:

  • Three out of four reentry engines did not reignite - believed to have run out of igniter
  • The centre booster landed a few hundred meters away from the drone ship at 300kph
  • The landing completely destroyed two engines, showering the drone ship with shrapnel, no other damage was reported but I imagine its a mess


There was something particularily satisfying about watching the two booster modules land simultaneously, can’t wait to see what they do with BFR this year!


5000pounds of thrust I think


Just read and enjoy


5 MILLION pounds! :flushed:


ahh thats insane!

In the post-launch interview he was saying that BFR has a cargo hold 120m in length by 30ft I think, its about time people started getting excited about space again!


Falcon 9 = $60 Million

Falcon Heavy = $90 Million.

50% more expensive. 3 times the capabilities.

Falcon Heavy was COMPLETELY internally funded.


Bit of the presser before the news came back that they overshot the payload (oo-er!)


Imagine if musk had the same government money given to him like gm government motors nearly 50 billion, works out at 10billy loss when they sold all the shares etc but that’s still alot more than what musk got an he’s innovating so much from the paltry amount! we could be digging holes in mars and making rough intergalactic love to its surface by now
Stupid politics let’s fund science like war and get some sex dolls that can break the sound barrier whilst giving a handy


agreed with Buggsy; i feel like we should be sad that he’s the only one doing anything like this; what is the rest of the species working on that could possibly be more important?


Eating Tide Pods and trying to organise military parades in Washington DC.

Actually, I think it is in Musks benefit to work with a strict budget, or limited budget.

It helps to focus the work ethic and to try and ensure practical costs. Knowing that you must be able to reuse vital components makes that aspect a key factor. Knowing that you have to do it on a budget makes you think harder about every decision.

Sure, it would be awesome to see what he could make happen with an unlimited budget, but I genuinely think working with limitations is in his favour.

It’s interesting to see his responses to proper questions from the media, rather than having to shut down someone wanting to kiss him and slamming flat-earthers.

What annoyed the fuck out of me yesterday whilst driving home from work in Dublin, was listening to the radio (a mistake in the first place) and people were focussing on the fact that they didn’t recover the centre core, why did they send a car rather than an actual payload and how he can he make money from all of this.

On top of that, which just had me yelling at the radio (YOU’RE AN INANIMATE FUCKING OBJECT!) was that some instagram celeb Jenner or something, had the most viewed/liked/whatever image in history with the picture of a fucking baby. A baby. There’s one born every few seconds. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

A picture of a baby, compared to something like this;

The fuck is wrong with people?


Whilst I hate the source website, here is the last image of Starman :slight_smile:


Fucking gorgeous

Undeniable viable suicidal dangling tangling strangling wrangling wrought and wrapped emotions trapped feelings sapped till utterly trapped then snapped


Someone caught the car traversing the night sky on a telescope :slight_smile:


He may have the facial expression capacity of a potatoe, but you know it’s a happy potatoe! :smiley:

Also, Mars series 2 confirmed :smiley:



at what point do we need to discuss if mainstream media has been trying teach us to see rich individuals setting out to do things by themselves as ‘evil’?


So I really wanted to do an epic mashup. However I have neither the time nor patience to get gud at video editing, so have this hastily knocked together youtube double of humanity being awesome:

YouTube Doubler


“Human Paladin!”


Dude - where’s my car???