General Space Stuff (Space-X and all that jazz)


Another launch in 9 minutes :slight_smile:
No recovery of the first stage today.

POZ is the primary payload, which is a surveying/imaging satellite being launched for Spain.

Sending test satellites as a secondary payload for Global Internet Coverage… run by Space X :smiley:


YouTube link for launch:


Keeping random spacey things here instead of more threads to look for.

The Hayabusa-2 (no, not the motorbike) satellite is closing in on its target asteroid to grab a sample and then head back to earth!


The final images from the Rosetta mission that landed on an asteroid a while back and piggy-backed around the sun…


Ain’t this just the tightest shit you’ve seen today?!

Sunset on the Valles Marineris on Mars.


Hayabusa II has successfully landed 2 mini rovers onto an asteroid!

Holy fuck.


When I saw “Hayabusa” I thought the Japanese had gone one better than Elon’s car and put a motorbike in space…

Pretty awesome though.


Photo from Insight that landed on Mars yesterday evening :slight_smile:


Looking forward to seeing what they come back with from InSight.

If the probe that’s going to drill down comes back with favourable figures, it might lend some extra excitement to the possibility of there being liquid water somewhere.

I’ve said it so many time before, I’ll say it again: The ONE thing I want to see before I die is Humans on Mars.