Get Watch dogs Free on Uplay November 2017

So If you log in to Uplay you can get Watch Dogs for free untill the 13th.


I have always wanted to give watch dogs a try but never got round to it so this is my chance!

I got the original for free some time ago - It got a lot of bad press because of the ubisoft “we can’t promo a game that actually represents our game” fiasco.

Saying that, the story was a blast - not anything mindblowing that is going to alter your opinion on 3rd person story-based adventure games… but worth playing for the core story - especially if free.

The biggest let down was the interactive multiplayer parts - where people can enter your single player game and try to hack you etc… That never really worked… and I can’t imagine it is any better now.

If you haven’t played it… I’d say grab it.

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