Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Debut



This has gained my interest.


I am entirely curious how many different pronunciations of ‘Tsushima’ I’m going to hear


Haha! I pronounce it Tush-Shee-Ma


im trying to learn japanese atm and getting how some things sound different to there English counterparts

i think it’s Shoe-shim-ma




Think I’ll just call him John.


Watashi-wa nihongo-ga wakarimasen. I think.

the ts makes a weird sound japanese uses a lot and we don’t have a direct equivalent for, beyond that you’ll get loads of people putting the emphasis in different places.

shoe is probably the best shout, but there’s more attack(?) at the start of the first syllable. I took linguistics at the same time as musical acoustics and get easily confused :confused: It’s also going to vary depending on how you pronounce ‘shoe’ wherever you come from.


This one peaked my interest. If its any good I might consider getting a PS4, everything is released next year so I’ve got time to make my mind up. On another side I might have to leave Korea soon after release so maybe I postpone it…