Ghost Recon Breakpoint

I need to get back into this.

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I’m about most nights if you want a hand leveling up. Be interested to see how it works with me being a higher level GS and more of the map opened

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Leaving it there for tonight, my next task on a mission is slap bang in the middle of 6 pairs of Aamon drones (160-180) in the Restricted zone, that one is going to take serious time.

Dont think he knows im here :wink:

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Wait, did you bump into Tak and n0tch randomly in a co-op hub?

I think it shows people that have the game and are in your friends or something like that.
I’ve got one character that has 160+ score and we have only done one or two of the main missions with fl3x.

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I didn’t even notice tak! Though what raven says may be correct, as when I looked on uplay notch was offline. Was a bit confused

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I knew…

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Gearscore progress is slowing down now, but at least i’ve got the M82 and Vector both to Mk3 now. Also discovered the gear customiser, and spent an hour pissing about in that.

I think i’ve almost completed the main campaign, given that i’ve already got the virus.

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Campaign completed, also can now spawn a Opheus Mk2 gunship from my bivouac’s :smiley:

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This game is stunning at times.

Guess who forgot to hide the UI in Photo mode!


I know you guys are enjoying the game but it seems as if it has under performed, a good bit, according to Ubisoft.

Well most likely they did not make that much money because there has been a few people on the youtube complaining about the micro transactions. Then again they are not really prominent so people can use them if they want, but the shop for that stuff is not upfront and centre like on many other games.
The AI really needs work, it looks like they just reused the stuff from the previous one and it is shit.
Good game.

I know there’s always the usual crapping on games online but in this case it’s not just a few people, according to the Ubi press relase:

While the change of formula has been very well received by some players…it also has been strongly rejected by a significant portion of the community.

This coupled with the Division 2 not meeting their expectations means they’re delaying their next major releases a bit too.
Hopefully they’ll stick with the game and work on it like they’ve done with Rainbow 6

Well its not fallaut 76 :slight_smile:

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This is such a pretty game! Photo mode is great if you have time to play with it


I’m hoping this is available to try out via Origin Access since I have it for this month.

If it’s solid, I may pick it up.

Cough Uplay+ cough


Hands up who’s the dumbass.

/me raises hand.