Gigs thread


Who have you seen?

I’ve forgotten a hell of a lot more than I can list, hopefully I’ll remember them. The ones I do remember excluding cover bands:

  • 69 Eyes/Academy
  • ACDC / MEN Arena - FIRST GIG!
  • Apocalyptica/Blood Stock
  • Blues For Godzilla - I don’t know who the fuck supported them. I was trying to be a slag, the band were dog shit. Edit: That is unfair. I was busy trying to get my end away, I really didn’t give them a chance.
  • Carcass/Blood Stock
  • Cradle of filth/Academy - Total dogshit
  • Cradle of filth/Blood Stock - Total dogshit and the guitarist was hit in the kidney by a HUGE gobstopper
  • Decapitated Nihility tour/Bier Keller - I think it may have been Septic Flesh supporting
  • Deicide Scars of the Crucifix tour/Academy - Don’t remember supports.
  • Disturbed Evolution tour/Apollo - Skindred
  • Europe/Blood Stock
  • Foo Fighters/MEN
  • Green Day American Idiot tour/MEN
  • Gwar Beyond Hell tour/Academy
  • Gwar War Party tour/Academy
  • HIM farewell tour/Apollo
  • Limp Bizkit Results May Vary tour/Apollo - Supported by Biffy Clyro. £45 for 45 minutes and Fred decided to walk out on stage a bunch of times during Biffy’s set, the dickhead.
  • Lord of the Lost/Ruby Lounge
  • Murderdolls and Papa Roach/Apollo - Someone else too, but I can’t remember
  • Mushroomhead The Righteous and the Butterfly tour/Academy
  • Nickleback…apparently. I don’t remember and I prefer it that way.
  • Nightwish/Apollo - Pain supporting
  • Pain/Wolverhampton
  • Primus Green Naugahyde tour/Academy - One of the most disappointing gigs I’ve been too. They don’t translate live well, at least not that tour.
  • Rammstein Mutter tour/Apollo - Supported American Head Charge and Raging Speed Horn
  • Rammstein Rosenrot tour/MEN - Apocalyptica and someone else I can’t remember
  • Rammstein Liebe ist fur alle da tour/MEN - Don’t remember the supports
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers and James Brown/Etihad Stadium - Chicks on Heat supporting
  • Slipknot Iowa tour/MEN - Couple of bands including One Minute Silence (MY GOD IT’S GOOD TO SEE YA!)
  • Sum 41 All Killer No Filler tour/MEN
  • The Berzerker Dissimulate tour/Roadhouse - Don’t remember the supports
  • The Berzerker World Of Lies tour/Leeds - Don’t remember the supports
  • Therapy? Farewell tour/Academy
  • Turisas/Blood Stock

An absolute shitload more I can’t remember…

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No where near as many as that.

Snow Patrol / O2
Kodaline (Supporting)
Roe (Supporting - really good)

and that’s it. Unless you count festivals - Ones I can remember then I’d include:

Foo Fighters
Happy Mondays
Kooks (Really meh live)
Lily Allen (double meh. Gobby cow)

Probably some others, but I was drunk.

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What did you reckon to the Foos?

I remember seeing them but thats about it, a little bit meh for me.


Foo fighters were amazing. They did a surprise set early in the day… just as me and my mate Ray were walking in front of the stage. Everyone was just milling around and we were literally at just the right place at the right time.

Really set the weekend off, which I can vaguely recall nearly breaking both my feet. Having my mate throw up over the back of a girls head (classy). Having a dance off with someone (I think I felt cooler than I probably looked. I was very drunk). We were also herded in a giant crowd to leave the main area to the camp site when there was a powercut. Couple of thousand drunk people shoulder to shoulder in pitch darkness.

Crazy weekend.

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I really want to do another festival, but I’m not down for roughing it with the mole people at this point so I’d have to stump up for the Glamping options or a local hotel. Getting fucking heckled while I wait two hours for a shower ain’t my bag.

I’d love to go to Wacken a few times, they stage some of the Nordic bands that just don’t travel to the UK at all, the lineups have made me cry over the years.


Yeah, if I did one again it’d be glamping or rent a Winnebago lolol

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Mine is pretty slim

  • Diablo
  • Heaven Shall Burn + As I Lay Dying (was awful) + In Flames
  • Billy Talent
  • Deep Purple - so happy I saw them

I’m pretty sure I forgot a bunch, its been a few years as Metal and Hard Rock isn’t popular in Asia, hence almost no concerts here. All of these were back in Berlin, I miss it for its stupidly good lineup.

I still wanna watch Arch Enemy, thats VERY HIGH on my list as well as AC/DC.

IF I come back to Europe this year, I was planning on going to Wacken next year. We could plan something together, would be a first for me too :wink: . I will know as soon as I get the job in italy, should be announced around July.


Ahhh dude don’t tempt me…Kate is already planning a load of expensive stuff next summer haha!

  • Garbage/Moloko as support
  • Ian Brown
  • The Thrills/ Red Hot chilli Peppers – worked bar at Slane, only 2 bands I got to see when the let us finish
  • David Grey
  • Oasis
  • Ash/The Darkness – big gig thing here
  • The Darkness again
  • Stones Roses x 2 (1st time easily one of/if not best concert I’ve been too)
  • Liam Gallagher x 2
  • Anne-Marie/Ellie Goulding - Wedding present for the wife
  • Bastille/ The Killers
  • Too Many Djs to even think, though special mentions to Fatboy Slim at Mambo
  • ColdPlay/Justin Beiber/ QUEEN with Adam Lambert at MTV EMAs, was more but only 3 I can remember. Not really a gig but the fact I got to see Queen up close, I could have tripped up Brian May as he walked past me

That’s all I can remember at the minute. Great thread btw


mine are VERY VERY silm

ACDC ( but brian was told no more singing so it was axle rose :S )
Green Day ( British summertime in hyde park ) they did nearly 3 hours non stop. was amazing!


I’m not the biggest fan of larger gigs because people, but:

  • Biffy Clyro
  • Muse (supported by Elbow)
  • Tenacious D
  • Alabama 3 (couchsurfer came to see them (from Virginia) and gave me a ticket when he arrived)
  • Ani DiFranco (not my choice, was doing someone a favour)
  • Venetian Snares
  • Squarepusher
  • A bunch of local bands, friends bands, and my old flatmate’s band Midas Fall (who’ve actually released records, toured, and had a song used on some TV show by BBC Scotland).

But I also worked as a steward, so i worked at:

  • Muse gain
  • Biffy Clyro again
  • RHCP supported by NERD and Ash (who were on stage at 5.30pm, 4 hours before RHCP came on, and played to a half empty and full-of-people-just-milling-about Murrayfield and NERD’s whole act appeared to be shouting and mispronouncing the name of Edinburgh to ever decreasing cheers for a meagre 40 minutes before they shuffled off leaving a two hour gap until the main act, during which I had to go into the mosh pit and drag some poor girl and her friend out because her friend was diabetic and having issues. But then i was stood down until the show ended and my job was ‘guarding’ the two taxis lined with towels waiting for the band to get into the moment they stepped off stage).
  • T in the Park (where staff had unlimited access to water, red bull, and tennants) including Snow Patrol, Ben Folds, Muse again (which i got to enjoy for almost an hour on my way to the first aid tent to see if i needed a tetanus booster after some tramp tried to claw my throat out climbing over me to get into the exit of an over-capacity King Tut’s Wah-Wah Tent), Electric 6, and some other shite, and a colleague of mine refused to let Pink backstage because he thought she was just some chancer, and she didn’t carry ID because she assumed everyone must know who she is. We got a bus there at 4am, got back to Edinburgh at 2.30am, and back on a bus back again at 4am. Hence the free red bull.
  • Tom Jones (who sounds more welsh in person than a thousand Xanders)
  • Donny Osmond (who i held round the waist to stop him getting pulled out of the pit by rabid middle-aged women)
  • James Taylor (who every two songs took a ten minute break to discuss politics, which his audience did not find engaging in any way)
  • Dido (I had to ‘guard’ her dressing room for 8 hours before the show while no one was even there, but didn’t have to during the actual show, both of which were boring)
  • Rodrigo y Gabriella (were Dido’s opener, and we received complaints from ‘the artist’ that there was too much noise from them and the audience as before the show she likes to have at least a full hour of ‘quiet time’. but the warmup act were on stage in the venue some 20 yards away).
    *either a Gareth Gates or Will Young gig at the playhouse where i spent 4 hours standing on the wrong side of the door i was guarding because it was roasting hot in the venue and supremely cold in the stairwell.
  • Elton John, in a freezing ass half empty stadium in Aberdeen or Dundee. I don’t know which because i got on the bus, napped all the way there, stood at the back of a football stadium for a couple of hours, then got on the same bus and came home. Couldn’t really hear the music, atmosphere was terrible, no idea what anyone there got out of it, except presumably Elton got paid.

Stewarding is weird. A lot of the jobs don’t entail doing much; you just stand next to a door to make sure no one locks everyone in, in case there’s an emergency, for six hours. A lot of the regulars here do it as a way to get paid to go and watch hibs and hearts. Some things you’re there because the venue operator says people should remain seated and shouldn’t stand up in certain places, and you’re meant to ask people to sit back down again (don’t bother, they flat out ignore your existence). So you just stand there so that someone else can say someone was standing there the whole time. But when you start you have to watch a video of the valley parade disaster in realtime and get told ‘this is what can happen if you aren’t standing next to that door and some prat decides to lock it’. So you just stand next to the door. But you get to watch some free stuff.

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I’m surprised to hear about Elton John’s concert, I’d always assumed he’d be great live even if you’re not really a regular listener.

What were RCHP like? They spent a lot of time shouting at the audience at the Etihad after the audience had booed and jeered Chicks on Heat and got a bit preachy towards the end, resulting in boos every time any of them spoke. I felt bad for Chicks on Heat and RCHP, because neither deserved the heckling but there was a lot of it.


They where great when I seen them. Saying that I had been pulling pints for 8 hours and then drunk 6 pints in about 20 mins before watching them. I was a bit drunk

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I thought the same about the elton gig, but it was the wrong season and place for that to go well, and it’s not a great stadium for a concert (quite low stands). It was also entirely seated, which didn’t help with the cold. Wherever it was.

RHCP had a rough start because the crowd (murrayfield for concerts can hold over 70 thousand, the gig was not sold out and you could buy a ticket at the gate) had been stood about eating high priced concessions for two hours by the time they came one. But they kicked ass and there was no trouble aside from the diabetic girl. This would’ve been maybe 15 years ago but no one really gave them any shit, they were too relieved stuff was actually happening.

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Haven’t been to too many gigs over the years, but a few nonetheless.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers (support acts aren’t even worth mentioning, even if one of them was New Order).
Slipknot x 4
Metallica x 2
Machine Head x 4
Arch Enemy (with Angela Gossow)
Dragon Force (Fire and the Flame is just amazing).
Children of Bodom
Faith No More x2
Stiff Little Fingers
Anal Thunder
Down My Throat
Download 2010 & 2011

And this August, it shall include Rammstein at long last.

I’m sure I’m missing a few from that list.

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I totally missed that you’ve seen In Flames…I’m immensely jealous.

I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and see them tour Clayman, it’s one of my favourite albums.

Jelly of a couple of you slags actually, missing Prodigy, Electric Six (I’ve had two chances…both some fucking how when Gwar were playing next door), The D, Faith No More…

I need to dig up my gig bucket list as well and get back to making progress with it. Shame that most of my wishlist are dead, disbanded, studio only or are so fucking obscure I’d have no hope of seeing them.

Edit: Also, I remembered an acquaintance of mine while talking about this with Kate who played in a lovely band called ‘Vomit Sock’ and later ‘Scumface’ with songs like ‘Brick in the face (Live at download! - no, seriously, they later played download properly)’ and ‘A knock at the door when you’re having a poo’ - He went to a gig a day for a year and actually pulled it off the mad bastard.


Just reminded me I seen the Prodigy as well with Zane Lowe and deadmau5 supporting. Zane Lowe is one of the best djs I’ve ever seen love.

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Some of these you will have seen on Alex’s list but I have removed those I didn’t attend and then added my own
• 69 Eyes/Academy
• Apocalyptica/Blood Stock
• Apocalyptica/ Academy x2
• Carcass/Blood Stock
• Cradle of filth/Academy
• Cradle of filth/Blood Stock –
• Decapitated Nihility tour/Bier Keller
• Disturbed Evolution tour/Apollo - Skindred
• Europe/Blood Stock
• Gwar Beyond Hell tour/Academy
• Gwar War Party tour/Academy
• HIM farewell tour/Apollo
• HIM Apollo 1st Manchester gig
• HIM Academy
• HIM –Birmingham Apollo
• HIM – France Just to let you know…HIM is my fav band 
• Lord of the Lost/Ruby Lounge
• Mushroomhead The Righteous and the Butterfly tour/Academy
• Nightwish/Apollo - Pain supporting
• Pain/Wolverhampton
• Primus Green Naugahyde tour/Academy
• Rammstein Rosenrot tour/MEN - Apocalyptica and someone else I can’t remember
• Rammstein Liebe ist fur alle da tour/MEN - Don’t remember the supports
• Rammstein – August tour !!!
• The Berzerker Dissimulate tour/Roadhouse - Don’t remember the supports
• The Berzerker World Of Lies tour/Leeds - Don’t remember the supports
• Therapy? Farewell tour/Academy
• Turisas/Blood Stock
• Westlife – MEN Arena – went with my mum I did like them as a child
• Boyzone - – MEN Arena – went with my mum I did like them as a child
• Take that - – MEN Arena – went with my mum I did like them as a child
• Robbie Willliams – Leeds Park
• Billy Joel – MEN Arena
• depeche mode - – MEN Arena
• system of a down – MEN Arena
• Slipknot & Slayer - on the same tour – MEN Arena for my 16th
• VAMPS – Academy
• Michael Ball – Bristol with my auntie (supporting act the overtones)
• Death Stars – warm up band
• Dope Stars Inc – Infest festival - Leeds
• Apoptygma berserk – Infest festival - Leeds
• VNV – Infest festival - Leeds
• Rasmus - Academy
• Gothmister – Infest festival - Leeds

The one i’m gutted about is I have three tickets for the cranberries I never got to use, she cancelled two on me and then saddly passed away

If I was allowed to add musicals then this list would be doubled :slight_smile:


And ed Sheeran with the wife. Got to have seen more I just can’t remember

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In all these years, I didnt know that.

That…I…jesus christ…