I came across this on RPS the other day and had a gander at the trailer (I do vaguely remember the name from an old article that they wrote about it).

It’s a small arena tactical game, where you have AI controlled bots that go out and battle another team of AI controlled bots - YOU do the programming for your units though.

The AI creation is done through the use of a flow-chart process, where you set up commands and string things together, making the ‘AI’ better or cock it up completely and your bots just mill around in a circle and die.

It’s in Alpha at the moment, but is listed on Steam as well. You can get the Alpha now and it will give you a Steam key as well upon full release.


After you shared this with me I’ve given it a good look and found a link to an RPS article with a bunch of other programming-based games (Including an LMC one - the absolute mentalists) and with this and PC Build Simulator I’m putting a case together to take to the IT support team to allow us to setup some ‘school’ Steam accounts to get using some of these games in the classroom.

This game for example could give us a better way of looking at flowcharts/Pseudo code/logic, there is one entirely done in Javascript that is about hacking bank accounts, there is the LMC-based on I mention above.

I’m going to look at grabbing this for myself as well!

Edit: Link to the RPS article I mentioned.

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I struggled in Computer Science in university with some of the concepts, code hierarchy and calling of commands, so in a way, I’m kind of hoping that this can help me get my dunce head around some ideas and have some shooty-shooty-bot killing fun :smiley:

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I had a chat with @Jester a couple of days ago about games like that. I have TIS-100 but struggled to get into it, but i loved duskers and this looks like it leans more that way (because robots).

I found computer science to be a mugs game; it’s a degree that most of the world just sees as ‘coding’, but i didn’t get the hang of coding until i took a 3rd year physics course in computer simulation because CS dragged everything through layers of theory that you never get tested on, and no one gives a shit about outside academia. I did AI for three years and it was pretty similar, albeit in my experience it was more engaging on account of having better staff. Then the department burned to the ground :frowning:

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Yup, pretty much that.

Also, because i know @NaloaC has a vested interest, the idea of pre-programming a bunch of little AIs and sending them out to compete with a bunch of other programmed little AIs, that all have their own specialities, strengths, and weaknesses, is VERY Football Manager :smiley:


Perhaps, but at least these ones shoot each other and isn’t just Excel sheets (which is how I envisage FM looking like)… this is more like… PowerPoint :stuck_out_tongue:

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Huh, could be into that. All my coding experience is on the applied rather than theoretical side though, so I’m not sure if I’d be particularly well-equipped for it. This looks a bit more like creating increasingly complex UML diagrams :S

I finally tried this out. The first 5 “missions” are essentially just tutorials and I’ve only done those 5 so far.

It brings you through the AI mapping step by step which is really nice. The UI is nice and clean and the concept pretty interesting.

You lay out the AI logic into strings for each bot and it examines them, not executes them, counterclockwise. Meaning that you have “IF” functions first, none are valid, it moves on to the next string.

Quite digging it :slight_smile:

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Advanced training… I’ve shot myself in the foot and ruined my “IF” variables :smiley:

I may need to reset stuff.

I’ve got to be too tired, I can’t get around the intermediate team composition training mission.

I’m trying to apply what I know to the way the blocks work but they just aren’t working the way I expect…need to learn its quirks.

Decent puzzler though!

I ended up the standard AI programming for each class, but used a sniper, MG, and Assault.

MG and Assault drains shields and the sniper drops the health well enough. MG can tank nicely too.

I’m not going ahead with the advanced training as I want to try and dick around with the AI sequences a bit.

The the more complex conditions and variables make it interesting!

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