God of War (PS4)


Fine. Fine! I’ll go buy the fuckin thing!



Game just keeps getting better!!

That dragon fight!!! WOW!


Managed to platinum this today. First game I’ve done that for since the first Uncharted back in 2008 I think?

I will keep hyping this game to buggery. Worth every bit of money to play this beast - just brilliant.

The fight against the Valkyrie Queen was a right fucking bastard, holy hell they didn’t hold back on her! Took an hour to smash it in the end


quick question

which brother did you kill? I’ve just killed the big one and now went on to save Atreus from his fever. Just wondering if you can only kill the one brother at this point?


At the point you are, only Magni falls. Won’t say any more about the other :wink:


Couldn’t agree more, between this, the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Until Dawn and Bloodborne to name a few… Every gamer should have a PS4 by now lol


Might have to steal my daughters one :slight_smile:


Just finished the main story.

loved the story but slightly disappointed with the ending. Didn’t think I was at the end after killing baldur. Loved the ending though just thought it came too quick. Anyways, on to the side quests. Could be the 1st game I finish everything unless I get bored and get Spiderman


To be fair, I did a LOT of the side stuff as I went along. Didn’t have much to clear up once finished. I will go back maybe next year to clear up and NG+


I’ve done a lot of the side stuff too apart from collectables which I rarely do in games. Havent done any of the other relam stuff yet.


Have you done any of the Valkyrie fights? Great fun and rather difficult. For doing the realms, I recommend doing Niflheim if you have level 6/7 rating on your gear and take it slow. You’ll be there a while unlocking all the secrets in there.

Muspelheim is a challenge area. Most of them are very straightforward. I’d say the hardest and most infuriating is the challenge to kill people in the changing rings in the floor. Very annoying one that. After that it’s pretty standard. Great place to just have a punch up too!


Just lit all the beacons so going to go for them next, as I tried one and got my ass handed to me.
I have also, freed all the dragons. Might need to play this again when I get the 4k TV as the dragons flying off afterwards looked class.


Someone might want these :smiley: