Going to be building a hackintosh... and maybe buy a PS4

So here’s the plan.

My 2600K will still, even in 2018, give top end Apple’s a run for their money. Ridiculous. So I’m going to be building a hackintosh from it.

I’ve been considering this for a while now. I only really use my main PC for games because Windows is awesome. But I use my Mac for absolutely everything else. The sticking point is Adobe software - where I’d prefer to use it in a Mac environment, but realistically, it loves my PC’s CPU - and more specifically - it’s GPU.

So reading up… I think I can a) make a hackintosh that’ll mean my work needs and b) make it dual bootable with a spare SSD to play the occasional game. You may also have noticed that I’ve not played anything multiplayer with anyone for a while - and when I move from my current location, even less so… I’m actually considering a PS4 - but that’s for a different thread.

Anyhow… I’ll document how it turns out here.

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haha! - I’ll still have a dual-bootable PC for gaming. At some point in the far future, I’ll get myself another gaming rig with all this ‘modern tech’… like DDR4 and M.2 lolololol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once upon a time I idly looked in to a Hacintosh for some spare parts but run in to problems immediately with what parts are actually supported by OS. I found the supported GFX cards list seriously limited and really very old.

That changed much?

Yes… and No. The following now is huge - and the community covers most stuff… especially if you use slightly older hardware (that still is more powerful than Apple’s current lineup).

I will find out more when I do it myself :slight_smile:

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Post up, Apple or not I’d definitely be interested in your research and the overall process!

To be honest, it’s the beauty of RDR2 that makes me want one… I think the software is finally catching up with what the hardware can do.

Loving my PS4 but zero interest in online gaming on it (ATM) but living the single player story games. Assassin’s creed/rdr2/etc just feel.mire like a console game for me. Plus don’t like playing to play online when I can do that for free on the pc.

To really bring it to life though you NEED an old Mac Pro chassis. I remember seeing a breathtaking hackintosh built on Bittech like 6-7 years ago?

All the best, definitely an interesting project for sure! Too bad I sold my old 3770k rig … .

I have two 780Tis though with EK waterblock if you are interested :wink:

yeah, those old chassis were great - used to sell them at PC World.

Update so far: Creating a hackintosh is a bitch.


Stop it then. Back up and stop. Think about what you are doing and stop.

Now that is out of the way, I was thinking about a console just for RDR2, but obvs for other things. XBox One X for the 4k goodness maybe?

New PS4 is 4K apparently.

I would like to go Sony again. I miss Gran Turismo.

Yeah, I’d have a PS4 over an XBONE.

If you’re going for pure graphical power then sure XB1X. But if you’re after very very good single player games as well… Then PS4 or Pro is the way.

RDR2 on the Pro - “‘PlayStation 4 Pro, which uses a reconstruction technique - likely checkerboarding - to take a native 1920x2160 framebuffer up to 4K.’”

Whereas the 1X is native 4K.

All depends what you’re after.

GT Sport is hella good though, love online racing on that @n0tch


Thanks for the explanation @VirulentPip :slight_smile:

And I’ll add that with the whole “Play Anywhere” Xbox “Exclusive” titles are also on PC.

The only way to play the likes of God of War, Spider-Man, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit Become Human, GT Sport, Until Dawn, many more and the future titles of Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and Days Gone are on PS4.

so i’m torn on the sliding scale of ‘i could get the 250 quid ps4 with rdr2 bundle and call it a day’ and the obligatory ‘what if i upgrade the TV and av receiver too? if i do that, i could probably swap out the center speaker and the two rears. and the two fronts. and the stereo speakers. and their amplifier. And then make it the ps4 pro or the xb1x. And then rdr2.’

With any luck they’ll choose to make a pc port before i manage to make a decision.

Or do what I do and get a PS4 pro and an Xbox one s which are both 4k (I believe)