Going to be building a hackintosh... and maybe buy a PS4


XB1S just upscales to 4k the games themselves run at 1080p or lower. However it is a 4K Blu Ray player.


i believe they’ll both output to 4k, but whether they render any particular game in native 4k will be determined by the game.

@VirulentPip I’d assume some other games use some form of upscaling and some might not, or is it a flat approach across the board, decided on the hardware version? I’d assume less visually intensive stuff including the regular interface/menus just run at native 4k because i don’t see a reason it wouldn’t.

Dunno what the xb1s uses, i’d assume it’s not as powerful as the xb1x given the significant difference in cost.


@adrock it varies game to game… Some run at 1440p, 1800p or 2160p native. Some are 1800p or 2160p Checkboarded(or other types of rendering)

On the Pro that is.

The 1X runs more games natively at 2160p but also does use forms of checkboard rendering also both feature dynamic resolution in some games… the 1S is purely upscale with games at or below 1080p.



OR I just wait for it to come out on PC. If it doesn’t I would have probably forgotten about it by then.


I assume it’s down to how much it costs to port to a quality they’re happy with vs the much smaller sales numbers they’ll get on the PC. RDR never got ported, and yeah, by the time it was clear that wasn’t happening (because gta5 was announced), i’d become distracted by buying a ps3 for gta5 .


And now, because of the cash cow that GTA5 has become, they would be a bit stupid not to release it.


yeah, i suppose if the multiplayer takes off well enough then they’d want to be selling whatever the RDR equivalent of shark cards are to PC users too. I’d completely forgotten they were doing a multiplayer component for it like gta online.

Now I’m torn on whether i want to hope for something that’d be a symptom of corporate greed…

thanks n0tch…


Can’t run it in a VM Jes?


I can’t imagine Mac/OS being happy in a VM environment. It’s barely happy on a dedicated hardware environment.

I really am torn as to which way to go at the moment. I hugely prefer Mac/OS over Windows. I know many will disagree - but for what I do, it’s perfect. Many people who hate Mac generally haven’t used a Mac - not to a point where they’ve spent enough time to fully learn it.

However, I completely agree with the hatred for Mac hardware, which since Jobs passed on, is becoming increasingly worse. Systems with RAM soldered to the motherboard and therefore non-expandable is criminal.

The fact there are now Hardware/Software instruction sets in place that mean it is harder for 3rd party repairs to fix Macs is borderline fraudulent.

Latest additions to the range have been low spec, but included features like a touchbar that no one wanted. The latest version of Mac/OS highlighted its main feature as a ‘dark mode’. wooo.

Apple have for a while now been solely focused on iOS developments and the platforms that use it - ipad, iphone etc… and that’s a problem.

So I’m stuck in a situation where Windows feels horrible to me but loves me like an old friend, and a platform that I prefer that hates me, my principles and my wallet.

Grr. I really need hackintosh to work… :stuck_out_tongue:


I had MAC running on VM a couple of years ago. It was simple just get an image from a source(can’t remember exactly where) and then run it. I think I was using VMworkstation at the time. Now how well that does everything I’m not sure as I was only using it for a few things. Then lost interest.
Have a look at this https://www.pcsteps.com/2157-mac-os-x-virtual-machine-vmware-player/


That’s pretty cool - and probably worth doing if I just wanted Mac/OS for testing or just a single program that wasn’t available on PC, like Final Cut Pro. But I want a permanent environment to work in.


Yeah well I was using it for coding and testing at the time so suited my purposes perfectly. Now you are running lower spec as well so running it on top of windows is not the best idea if you want everything out of the hardware. All I can say is good luck… :slight_smile:


Have you thought about a nice Linux distro?


Elementary looks really really nice. Would love to go to Linux - as one reason I like Mac/OS is the unix based command line. Installing things through Homebrew, for example, is just a piece of piss.

The failing point of Linux is the lack of support for Adobe CC products. Which means I’d have to run Mac or Windows in a VM - which is kinda against the point.


Well, you have to ask yourself what percentage of work you are doing is in Adobe products?

Maybe look at Elementary with VMware Untiy for Adobe products under a windows VM?


It’s whether I can pass through the power of my GPU through the VM with the current MB/CPU I have. As its a player, would it just be a virtualised resource? I don’t imagine it could pass the whole card as it would be running the linux backend. Stick in a 2nd cheap GPU for the linux side mebbe? That’s probably not even possible.


I’ve got a solution for you Jes - Link.

Pop a couple of them puppies on either side of your rig.


Ironically, that’s one of the caveats for hackintosh getting around Apple licensing… It says that Mac/OS can only be used on Apple branded hardware.

So people just the Apple logo on the side their case :stuck_out_tongue:


You could just stop being a big pussy and run Windows 10 like the rest of us?