Going to be building a hackintosh... and maybe buy a PS4


Yeah. probably will. pffffff.


Win 7 support is up in 2020.

I’m going to wait until then.


Why? I’ve had no issues with win 10 sofar. Just don’t run it on the latest distro.


Yeah, the Oct 1809 update had some “random file deletion” issues, which as you can imagine, is not great.

I updated my work machine to 1809 when it came out and so far have not been affected. I think and hope. :wink:


That was not all, they are still delaying it as there are apparently other issues. Now not everyone is going to see issues. I have win10 pro and I have it on the delayed setting so that I don’t get any of these issues. I’m not willing to be a beta tester for MS.


I’m so happy with my new Ryzen setup… especially how silent it is - that I’ve decided to put hackintosh plans on hold for a while.

I’m actually selling my Mac Mini and have sold my iPad. I’ll just have my MBP left - which is still awesome. Means I probably won’t need a PS4. For now.

I’m sure that news will get a ‘happy gif’ from @vredesbyrd


I’ll throw this golden oldie in for now while we wait.


Ryzen and R9 390? Next you’ll tell me this is your favorite film :wink: :



yay - sold my Mac mini


It is possible to run hackintosh on Ryzen now :wink: and it’s a beautiful thing.