Google hit with 4.3bn euro Android fine from EU

Google is to be fined a record 4.3 billion euros ($5bn; £3.8bn) over its Android operating system, the BBC has learned.

The European Commission’s action followed a three year probe into claims the firm’s mobile device strategy had unfairly strengthened its dominance of search.

The penalty is set to be confirmed at a press conference in Brussels later.

It will be the largest fine imposed by the regulator against a single firm.

However, Google may challenge the ruling.

Now thats not a small fine!

Well, the EU needs to generate some spare cash for when Britain leaves the EU. :stuck_out_tongue:

In seriousness though - that’s a LOT of money. Does Google actually have that level of liquidity? I bet it doesn’t - it’ll be tied up in other assets.

Might read into this more later - Does anyone know if laws existed that Google broke before the investigation? or did they retrofit the situation to rules that they needed to put in place but hadn’t done so already?

Google should hold face and say to the EU “Fine, we’re turning off all Google search and DNS servers in Europe” - and just flick the switch. Wonder what carnage that’d cause? Bing as the only option! :open_mouth:

doesn’t matter if they don’t, they don’t have to pay it. no one actually exchanges that much money, it’s a paper exercise for balance sheets.

they were reported as having 86 billion in cash reserves last year, though that’s Alphabet rather than google, and it’s google that owes, so their cash is probably still safe.