Google Stadia

Surprised no thread yet. Here’s a breakdown…

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Full GDC presentation.

The thing holding back my optimism is that it’s google, and they’ve a track record for half-baking and abandoning things.

That said, I’m not sure who I’d trust to run such a service with the user in mind. I guess Sony? but then I’m not sure how interested they are in competing with their own hardware business or operating DC capacity.

I guess delivery to consumers has always been in the hands of publishers, and they’ll just wait until what they’re doing isn’t working before buying into a new kind of distribution. Given valve launched steam with HL2 and what it became, i suppose any individual dev or publisher could become a new standard for whatever the new niche ends up being if they can come up with the killer title… like HL3…ah shit.

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Pre-orders are up now.

€129 for the founders kit. Gets you 3 months of pro access and a buddy invite for the same too, but you get a “midnight blue” controller and Chrome Cast Ultra alongside it. Could be interesting.


I’ll check it out next year when it’s available without the use of a Founders edition… and when more games are known. But to be honest, between PS4/5 and PC, this won’t be needed for me, it’s pretty much just another locked in gaming experience (if a game gets pulled due to license issues then rip) also multiplayer will only be cross platform if the developers make it so… Have no friends on Stadia? RIP.

You’re not wrong:

All from May articles.

Of all the things they have killed, I’m still shocked this isn’t on the list:

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There they go again!

Though if its a legit reason fair enough.

Talking of… never heard of it or used it…but.

I thought photos was different to drive. I use photos to back up all mine.

Also got that email pip. No idea what it’s about

Dun dun dun, another one bites the dust…

I’ve actually not even heard of this one though I have heard of and used Hangouts.

Edit: Apparently two this week:

This is bad. Very bad. Other than RDR2…

Also only 720p, 1080p and 4K are supported with no idea when “non standard” resolutions will be, so rip to ultrawides and 1440p users.