Got myself a new PSU, Fully modular for £55 seems like a bit of a steal

I always thought this was a good thread from the old forum as it highlighted deals and bargains that we’d purchased - and gives a bit of extra research for people looking to buy similar items.

I’ve created a Shopping Deals category for anything we get or find.

So I’ll get started:

New PSU for my home/dev server…

550W - Modular (the most important bit because I’m running an ITX case) and capable of silent running. EVGA is a good make, and at just over £55 delivered next day… bargain :slight_smile:

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You see, it being EVGA (actually, it being a PC part end of) would mean that if I bought this it would explode after about 2 weeks.

EVGA absolutely hate me.


EVGA really does hate you for some reason.

That’s a hell of a deal on that though Jes!

I’m still rocking my Corsair 850W from 6 years (or more) ago.


Thread title changes confuse me!

or, do you mean the ‘i got a fully modular power supply for £55’ thread was one of your favourites? I like the ‘what did you just buy’ thread because it helped me justify/feel good about my discretionary spending, but each to their own :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, trying to remove myself from the old mentality of a single thread for absolutely EVERYTHING :smiley:

Well I have been on the market for a near silent 850w for a while, but they tend to be very expensive. That is a good price on the 550.

what do you need 850W for? I run a 760W and it doesn’t start the fan below 50% load, so it doesn’t start the fan.

Adrock… 2xR9 380. I want the extra 100W so that it is not ramping the fan up too much.
Based on an online calculator this system of mine should take about 640 from the wall.