Greetings and happy holidays to all if you have them

Cheers from Finland!

Of all things Newcastle brown ale…


Happy Holidays! Newky Brown gets me trashed. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jes. I have to wait for another 3 hours for my connecting flight. So the only dark beer in this airport is newcastle brown, there was another but it was out(only one bar had the other one). 10.30 per pint… really expensive

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Hyvää loma! :smiley:

Toivottavasti keli on hyvä siellä :slight_smile:

Also, €10.30 for a pint? Fuck man, you need to be more selective for holiday pints :smiley: I think there are a few places that do pints for €6.

Yes but this is in the Helsinki airport. Got a pint in dublin for less than 6 euro. God danm Helsinki.

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