Greetings One and all, tis I


Heya guys and girls (See I remember the flare toting crazy lady :stuck_out_tongue: )

hows you all, Ive been around a while now reading posts but never found the time or stuff to re-sign up!

lots been happening, but life moves on right!

Anyway, hope you dont mind this idiot to come say hi, and I look forward to some good games with you bunch of orrible lot :stuck_out_tongue:


Who are you again?

Welcome back mate!


Good to see you on fella :slight_smile:

Must catch up for a game of Deep Rock :slight_smile:


Oh hi Takf00 :slight_smile:


Hey tak…good to see you know where the spare key is and let yourself in :slight_smile:


Good to see you back brother - as you say, life moves on - don’t be stranger though :slight_smile: x


Ah, Takalak! Welcome back! ZiiP is like the mafia - one never actually leaves! :rofl:


Welcome back Tak!..


cheers guys, nice to be back… need some positivity heh so lets dance :stuck_out_tongue:


Slow dance, no groping nor tongues, kplzthx


Who is this guy again? :yum:

Welcome back Tak, hope you are well and remember ZiiP is here if you ever need a chat/rant :blush: