GRID redoodah

Yes, please.

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Loving the old school Camaro racing.



Sorry @n0tch - completely forgot to reply to this… look ACE… and I love Grid - ANNND if I remember right we all used to have a laugh with this.

I see it isn’t out til October? That right? - Also - £44.99? That’s a bit of a pee-take. I’ll see if CDKeys is any better.

Yep, it was one we all did like, but as you say, £45 pounds quid is a bit much.

Standard Edition

Ultimate Edition

That’s also awesome.

That is courtesey of the Elis James and John Robins XFM/Radio X podcasts:

Very funny.

Nice one Jes. Bought the standard edition.

It’s released. May have a blast this weekend as well as Sandstorm and I’ll stick a time on our hotlap server.

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