Ground Branch - Tactical Shooter


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Any one seen this?

  • Single Player (With bots)
  • Online Multiplayer (Player Vs Player)
  • Online CooP (Vs Bots)

From one of the developers behind the original Rainbow Six® and Ghost Recon® games, comes a thinking-man’s first-person shooter featuring in-depth character and weapon customization. Take your time. Think ahead. Get the job done.

In GROUND BRANCH , you will play as the elite paramilitary arm of the CIA’s Special Activities Division/Special Operations Group (SAD/SOG) and lead other special operations forces through challenging deniable ops all over the globe. With deliberate, calculated and unforgiving gameplay, GROUND BRANCH aims to be the true rebirth of the tactical realism genre of the late '90s and early 2000s. Powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, GB puts the “tactical” back in “tactical shooter”—no compromises.


  • GROUND BRANCH’s unique “campaign” format will deliver smaller, more localized sets of missions based around global hotspots, with a centralized intelligence interface to monitor them and receive new mission orders over time. The choices you make along the way may affect future engagements.

  • √ Based on unique environments all over the world, the non-linear mission and map designs offer multiple entry points and open-ended outcomes.

  • √ Enemies are spawned at mission start, with a degree of randomization to quantity and location. No “monster closets” or magic enemy spawns based on player location or mission progress.


  • √ Ready Room: A physical multiplayer lobby where you can plan your approach, see your teammates’ loadouts, test weapon configurations on a firing range and jointly select insertion points.

  • √ Full—and free—dedicated server support. Host a server wherever you want!

  • Create your own unit patches and attach them to your character’s sleeves and headgear.

  • Full support for MP ladders.

  • After-action review (AAR) following each mission/round.

  • Server-side options.


  • Full mod support.

  • √ No gear unlocks, hit markers, kill confirmations or score pop-ups.

  • Weapon bracing/supporting.

  • √ Varied arsenal: Multiple handguns, submachine guns, carbines, assault and battle rifles, machine guns, DMRs, sniper rifles and explosives to choose from, with selectable ammunition type (e.g. full metal jacket, hollow point or subsonic rounds, smoke grenade color etc.).

  • √ Map variation: In addition to day and night versions as well as weather variation, maps have small details that can change between rounds, such as doors and windows that may be open, closed or blocked.

  • √ Unlimited loadout save slots.

  • √ Item sharing/dropping/pickups.

  • √ Accurate ballistics with penetration, bullet drop and stopping power simulation.

  • No regenerating health or health packs: Administer first aid to non-lethal injuries for reduced combat effectiveness.

  • Location damage model: Expect visible injuries and consequences, such as limping, reduced arm function, and/or hits to stamina and accuracy. Players immobilized from a non-lethal injury can stay in the fight.

  • Carry teammates to safety to administer first aid—or to safely recover their ammo, gear, cargo or body if they are no longer alive.

  • Appropriate and realistic playable female characters.

  • √ Partial controller support (configurable).

£15.49 on steam.

Not 100% sold myself, just wondered if anyone else had seen this?


sound on it is pretty awesome. Could be a bit too tactical/slow for my liking. One to keep an eye on though.