GTA 5 session anyone?


Got some more storage for the rig and thought I can run this again.

Anyone up for trying this online again?

Not the matches, god no, just dicking about, maybe a heist or two?

They’ve added a shitload of co op missions over the years if anyones game.


aye, i re-installed over the weekend so i’d be up for this.


I still have it installed, was testing the real life mod at the weekend. I’d be up few a few heist as ive not done any of them


They have turned off private sessions by the way. So we will be on a server with dicks


ah fuck that’s not ideal :confused:


Though that was me playing solo, might work with a group.


I cant imagine they would have gutted it. Worth trying it tonight to see whats what.


Can give it a blast later tonight if you want


Yeah sounds good. Mars is game too ^^


I own GTA V

But for the life of me I don’t know where. Not in my Steam account.

Probably there own internal bollocks. Can I remember my login?


Rockstar club account. google it and do the forgot password crap.


Yep. That requires remembering which bloody email I used…

– edit –

Found it! :blush:


Had a cheeky test of this today (done my meeting so whatever) - not sure where private sessions have gone but looks like the overworld, you’re stuck with other players. Which sucks dick, as it looks like theres loads more to do.

but at least there seems to be a hell of a lot more actual stuff to do in there now. Missions, stunt races etc. Worth a test tonight.

WAIT! Found out you can do a private session with friends by starting a server via Single player.

WHich is retarded but least no pubbers ^^


They have the low rider content as well to do, but you need loads of money to get your car ready for that.


im patching im gonna raise a ticket see if i can move my PS4 dude over as he’s will over lvl120


should be straightforward reno, I did it with my PC and ps3 characters.


i think they stoped the built in once a while ago


Only let you do it the once, did you not do it before Reno?


i did but that was well over a year ago and i played ALOT on ps4 since got alot of stuff on that account, support page says no but i have raised a ticket saying i can’t use my PS4 any more and need it moved to PC so fingers crossed


Yeah I’m definitely up for a game of this this evening! I’ll be on about 6.30 I reckon