GTA 5 session anyone?


Be well after 8 for me


already got a reply NOPE not gonna get moved


Well thats unfortunate. Bastards.


What level is your pc character? From what I can remember you where already well above most of us?


oh not to bad 109 with over 1mil in the bank but due to the ‘micro transactions thats nothing’


I dont even think im at level 40.


Kate, a friend and me made the public sessions work well enough.

There were unreliable ways of ending up in an empty session, but we usually just spammed ‘find a new session’ until we ended up in an empty server.

We also did a lot of the coop jobs which are quite good.


I have that as well. Could try it another night


Good fun tonight. Still a fucking bitch to get things rolling and get the jobs you want but its a decent laugh. Stunt races are cool. Co op missions are still teh heart of it I think.


Was VERY good fun last night! The races are absolutely ridiculous but so so funny!


While the races are fun, there is only so much of them I can do. Would love to actually do the heists as I havent even done one


I’ll be on again tonight if you want to smash some heists? Fancy doing some mad stunts and blowing stuff up!


i have it patched and it runs well so thats good


I’m hopping on now! Anyone want to join?


Double post, because screw forum rules, I do what I want.

I’m thinking I might hop on again tonight. @Hammy, give that heist another shot? We almost had it last time!


Not be on tonight mate, be during the week next for gta for me but yes, need to get that done!


No worries man, I’m free most evenings. Just give me a shout on FB or something.


I quite enjoyed the brief game I had the other day… albeit, getting shot to shit a lot. I’ll keep it on my system so I’m available if you guys jump on.

Still haven’t got a scooby what I’m doing.


I think if we took you through a few of the base missions and stuff first and did the original heist to start with you’d have a better idea of what you need to do


Last night was epic fun im playing this a lot more going forward!