GTA 5 session anyone?


could be up for some of this later tonight


i could be to depends on time tho work early :frowning:


I’m going to be hopping on this at sometime soon, if @Hammy wants to get a heist done I’d be up for it, I think a few others will be up for it as well.


i’l jump on i’l skip the hiests unless you need to make up the numbers but i spent over 1million in game getting us a Bike clubhouse so we now have a MC to make cash from and do stuff


I’ll be on after 2. Be playing this or arma


i will be about.

what does the MC stuff do, how does it work, why should i have to use google, why can’t you tell me, and what’s wrong with being lazy on a sunday?


Be after 3 before I’m on


Righto, I believe there is more heists than the one that I have done. Need a 4 man team, whos up for it?

Also, Reno has bought us an MC club, fancy doing some of that so I can pretend I’m in SAMCRO


Can do a heist in the week If we want?

Adrock’s currently got one rolling, but it would be better if we had a team and you set up the heist - you should have Lester ringing you saying there’s a new heist to set up.

We can plod through each part over separate days if we get stuck or whatever.


I’m around in most evenings. In fact I actually have no life, so am around whenever really!


bump bump bumpy bump bump

Im game for a few more games of this if any interest i may look into setting up some more modes my self that arn’t just races and stunts like sniping in the city or a mad dash for a thing sky’s the limit really well the GTA v engine is the limit but you get what im going for.

im off work till next Tuesday so lets do a thing!


nice thread necromancy!

i would be up for this some time.


I still have hiests to do. Be the weekend though.


i think i’ve cooled off from hated the hiests and would love to help people getum done as once we have that all done there is a NEW ONE to do with some mental stuff


Count me in. Wanting to do the heists but never seem to find the time now.


Event on atm for bonus EXP and cash for stunt races and the like if people are interested


I’d play more gta; still need to do heists.


what he said plus more as i need 20 characters to post


I’m always up for more of this, although finding time between Company of Heroes, BF1, PUBG and that pesky real life is becoming a problem!


im game for some today ( Sunday the 11th)