GTA 5 session anyone?


working so no for me


Misses will be back from working away in the next week or 2 so a weekends session could be organised for a Sunday in a few weeks if that works @Reno


Hammy Im game for a Sunday!


Actually went to install GTA V again 2 nights ago.
Found it was still installed. Just needs updating.


Can’t do this Sunday, might be able to do next Sunday. Getting @Jester to set up a voice activated channel for us, as I use the controller.


BUMPTY BUMP any one fancy some dicking about this coming Sunday?


I would but I’m away this weekend. Can do the weekend after


im in greece that weekend


lets try again who fancys trying this out again? Saturdays are my best day to try but lets get an idea of what people are interested in?


Can’t promise anything on a Saturday but will play if about.


I’d happily play more. I am around most of the times.


Anyone seen this?? This looks fun!!


250k for logging in each weekend for the next 4 weekends apparently. Anyone up for a heist and/or shenanigans?


Could be. Loads of heists still to do


i can be about for games and such


Omg just seen they have added rc car racing… this please me deeply