GTA this weekend


Feel like carrying on our heist shenanigans and its been too long.

Anyone game?


Still got my heist to finish; don’t remember which one it is.

I’m in.


Cool, thinking Sunday to do this.


Weekends are out for me with the missus working away all week, however I am free every week night now because of this.


I’m free then too. Although this evening I have to go to the dentist first :confused:


Should have said apart from this week as I seem to have stuff on. Will be in but late evening.


i shall be there if i am wanted


it’s the other way round; you don’t become wanted until you’re in game and shoot people.


…shit! well im done


this still going to happen today?


I’ll be around shortly I think


BUMP this today?


Sorry dude. Weekends no good for me that the minute.


New races been released. Look fun. Again though, weekends no good for me at the minute. Can do midweek if anyone fancies it.