GTFO - 4 Player Co-Op

I grabbed it, had a go solo… yea need folks!

@Zorndar, @Takagi lets get a date in the diary.

Anymore for anymore?

Next wek Friday or Saturday?

Saturday evening could be good. @Takagi?

yea I should be free from about 9? will have to double check heh

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Ok, I’m reinstalling. For your info, I have no clue how to play this game as I didn’t wanna play it solo. Only watched a couple playthroughs.

I guess sledgehammer to the face whereever possible and otherwise rain of bullets was the most common tactic :smiley: .

I haven’t played it either :slight_smile:

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we still game for a match or 2?

I’m online. My internet just came back

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Sorry chaps I completely forgot about this. What an idiot.

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