GTFO - 4 Player Co-Op

Has anyone tried the next level ones yet? Jumped on last night with some randoms, first go at it for me and one other. Tons of impenetrable fog, some poisonous fog, a fog disperser one of you had to lug about and loads of big guys. We died quick.

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Nah. We played the first level that we still to complete with Rogue. We still failed to complete it.


Due to work, stress and booze compensation I’ve struggled to find time for GTFO, especially as my last attempt was with a bunch of randoms who had no idea how to work as a team, while I had no idea what the mission was. And was drunk.

Anyhoo, new Rundown and update scheduled for 1st Dec. If anyone wanted to try and get deeper on the current rundown we’ve a couple of weekends left.

Was thinking could do with a wee session at this sometime.

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Ive got it, but not found anyone to play… Id love to join in :slight_smile: