Guitar Heroes

Not the game.

I love a good guitar song. There have been many over the years that have pushed boundaries, but I’m talking about the ones that have stuck with you, throughout thick and thin that you always go back to.

Let’s see and hear them. Here are a few of mine to start with

Please watch this to the end. Prince was a fucking god.
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SRV 100%

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Absolutely fuckin brilliant.

This is exactly what I want

BTW, if we ever see you, you need to be in a copper shirt.

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Best rift of the last 20 years maybe

Just too good

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That Prince solo is amazing. Love it to bits. I was never a Prince fan really but he has some gems and moments of total genius like this!..

love this. Great base guitar as well as electric guitar going on…

And clip is set at the recognisable tune for @Hammy or was it @st00kz ? One of you were not familiar with the build up ahead of this track!? , Still love it love it love. and of course from the beginning.

Another great tune with nice long build up and then boom.

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I’ve got a bunch that stick in my head, this is probably the one that sits in there the most:

Another that still gets me head banging is this track:

I love the changes in the riff, especially the part at 30 seconds where the opening riff takes a bit of a back seat to the synth and vocals. It changes up and floats between almost angelic and really heavy. A feast for the ears!