GW: Necromunda Re-release!

Finally, we’ve had a bit of a proper reveal and a ballpark release date as well!

So, the game is being released in November as a boxed set and they’re planning on doing a series launch similar to that of Blood Bowl. In other words, the base game comes with the essentials, with extras needing to be bought (it’s GW…).

So, the starter kit comes with Escher and Goliath gangs, though there doesn’t appear to be Juves or Heavies! There are only gangers and a leader. It’s an odd deviation from the original release, way back in 1996 where gangs came boxed with a leader, heavy, 4 gangers and 2 juves. Still, we have a few months before we see it properly released, so there is ample time to get additional information.

I’m personally hoping for a collectors edition release and I’m buying it whatever the cost!

Here is a YouTube video (with a rather poor voiceover) and some stills from the new stuff:



Oh happy fucking days! There is a pre-order date: November 11th, which means release on November 18th, which is the session :smiley:

I’ll be putting in a pre-order for whatever is going to be released, might even have it on the weekend!

There is a full website here:


curious to see if this is like a full game with campaign rules or if it’s more streamlined; playing on a grid board makes me think the latter, as does the lack of juves or heavies.

Might purchase, though it’d be added to the stack of game si don’t get to play :confused:

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Keep in mind that Juves and Heavies weren’t in the original boxed set either :slightly_smiling_face:

Gang War has been confirmed for release day as well, which are the advanced rules for 3D terrain, campaigns, levelling up and RPG elements, akin to the original game. I shall be pre-ordering the boxed set, Gang War and perhaps a hand or two of others if they release them on the first day too.

Cannot fucking wait!

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Facebook video with some of the basic of how the game plays:

Some interesting changes with it. Damage inflicted is done in-game, rather than via the old “Serious Injury Chart” system of yester-year.

Woot, pre-orders go up in an hour. I will be one of those suckers.

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Pre-ordered the boxed game and the Gang War expansion book :slight_smile:

Went for fastest delivery for an extra €26, so €148 total. Whoop!


Hopefully at some point I’ll get over to Waterford for a visit

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It’s release day! I got a notification from the postal service that “something” is on the way… what it is, I can only hope! :smiley:


Let’s hope it’s not a horny giant panda trapped inside a huge Iron Maiden which has drawing pins inside it instead of spikes so that the horny panda isn’t killed during the journey but is incredibly annoyed and hungry and in quite a lot of pain and expecting a bloody good explanation by the time the postman delivers him to your unsuspecting arms…

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But pandas are inherently lazy and pathetic.

Instead, I got this:

This originally came out 22 years ago!


Obviously you haven’t met my old friend the sodermising panda yet :grin:


So the Warhammer Community website have released some photos of the next gang for release: Orlocks. Hot damn they are an improvement on the originals!

Harpoon Launcher! Drag enemy into a sump pit? :smiley:

New Underhive Scum are being released as well:


The scum models are great!

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New image from the Open Day showing the Heavy Stubber on the right! Fuck me that is gorgeous!

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The Ambull is a legendary old creature in the 40K universe. This odd, giant ant-like thing would pretty much murder a Dreadnought one-on-one… Naturally, GW have decided that they will release them back into the wild so to speak, but not in their natural form.

No, they’re going to be releasing a bloody mechanised version… Rumour mill has it that this is one example of the “heavies” that we can expect from Forge World.

Concept Art: