Hades - a Supergiant rogue-like

I bought this a while back, for the little breaks every now and then. Worst first, its exclusive to the Epic store so if you’ve got a problem with that stop reading.

I started playing this yesterday, you know “for a short time” before going to bed to get an idea. Around 3h of playing later I was thrilled. Imagine Bastion or Transistor with a slightly smoother game play loop mixed with a rogue-like elements. It also borrows heavily from the greek mythology, if you didn’t guessed already by the name Hades.

Right now it is in early access, next big upate is in 21days. I really like it, beside this and Risk of Rain 2 its hard to judge which I like more. I think Hades has much better story telling, dialogues and characters whereas RoR2 has more absurdity and depth to its “power ups” so they are both great in different ways. You get the typical narrator from Bastion and Transistor but the main character is voiced too!

I might record a run if anyone is interested.

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