Half-Life: Alyx

So… 15 years later, we’re getting the chance to go back to City 17!

Now, it’s a VR-ONLY game, which kinda sucks ass, but fuck me does it make me consider one even more.

Still, it looks pretty.

Dare we hope???

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Feck me that does look good



Time to get my VR headset out…

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I’ve never played any half life


I’m genuinely surprised by that.


I’m well surprised by that!

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It’s unloaded now



Fucking hell this looks pretty damn good…

Shame I don’t have a €1,000 to just throw around!

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Yeah contemplating this. Dust off the old VR.

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I’d say if you have VR, then it’s a fuckin’ no-brainer! :open_mouth:


But its scary in there!

Gabe Newell sounds nothing like I expected him to! :smiley:

Downloading now.

Sams place is “arse end of nowhere, in the cunry, Herefordshire” so tinterweb is a bit shitty…

I have, though, brought over my rift S :slight_smile:


I am too just finishing te DL. Hope to have a wee blast soon.

You played yet Pantehs? Literally just fannied about on the balcony for 5 minutes.

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No not yet. PC still not properly set up, including VR. About to try to get VR going. Desk arrives tomorrow (I think) so will set up then. I be at Missus house, so gaming time is somewhat limited cos she is demanding. Ish :wink:

She’ll learn :slight_smile:


Just had a mess about. It shut PC after a short time…

It happened with BioShock as well… Gfx drivers are up to date… ffs.

You mean it shut the PC down?