Hallo all and apparently topics have to be fifteen characters

Member from years back. To any who remember me - hello!

To any who don’t remember me, or weren’t around back then…well, still hello, I suppose!

An email from Caolan got through to me and, after my prompt reply (overlooking a minor, barely-worth-mentioning half a year delay), he gave me a civil nudge to nip on and get back in touch.



Hey fella! Hows it going? Welcome back to the fold.

Holy shit how have you been?

And they all come back in the end :slight_smile:

Welcome back matey. Hope you been well

I think cal has just imploded some where!!

Really good to see you back! Been too long mate!

The half a year wait was worth it fella!

Delighted to hear from your good self again and even better to see you on the forums once more. :slight_smile:

For those that do not know DM, he was the close-quarter-combat nightmare in CoD4 that made Freddy Krueger look like a blind woodsman with frankfurters for knives. On top of that, his singular ability to generate insane swarms of aircraft in Supreme Commander made building a Tier 3 Radar a moment of anxiety because the radar would then reveal just how big that damned swarm was.

He also has one of the best lexicons that I am aware of!

Damn good to have to back Andy, glad I tried that random email I had for you, that I only ever used once previously, in like 2009 or something…

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Wow - This is a blast from the past!

Was looking at old pics on FB the other day when Caolan mentioned he’d managed to get in touch. How you doing? What you been up to?

There are still a lot of familiar faces floating around that you’ll recognise. :slight_smile:

I think I may have a screen shot of that somewhere

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Hey matey - how are you doing? nice to see the old faces return

Hah, good to see so many old names about!

To those who asked - I’ve been well, though busy! Had a five and a bit year spell in my last job, then decided to move to something new after finding a lass who could stand spending more than three weeks listening to my bullshit :smiley: . Now living in Belgium studying electronic engineering. Figured it was finally time I got that education I kept forgetting to make time for.

I’ll have to try and nip on the TS and see if there’s a game I can play. I’m a bit out of date on the big multiplayer games, mind…I think about the only ones I’ve played a bit of lately have been Overwatch or R6:Siege. Still, I’ve not stopped buying games and barely playing them, so at the very least there’s a chance I have something appropriate in my library.

I suspect whatever Supreme Commander prowess I had will have drizzled away over time like rain into a gutter. It’s likely I’d while away my playtime indignantly prodding at buttons and complaining that “nothing is building properly!”. Still, incompetence has its own charms.


Check your libraries of games as many are are currently playing some of these:

  • R6 Siege
  • ARMA 3
  • BF4 (making a revival)
  • Player Unknowns Battle Grounds (aka PUBG)
  • Titanfall 2

Smaller numbers play:

  • War Thumder
  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
  • Battlefield 1

Many are waiting for:

  • COD WW2
  • Destiny 2

woah woah woah…

firstly, hello

secondly i cant believe this bunch of alcoholics haven’t put their drink orders in yet! i believe after 10 years its your round… ill have a Bacardi and coke, hold the ice

welcome back… everyone always finds their way back…

I almost dropped my tea, which signifies the absolute enormity of your return, when I saw your user name in the gin thread.
Welcome back, it’s been far too long.

There’s a gin thread?

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that there is…

Welcome back Andy! Good to hear you’re doing well :):sunglasses: