Long time support player, looking for some Overwatch Tanks to hide behind!

Also hello, I’m new.

Been playing with DM, Xander, Adrock and Reno lately - now hoping to proselytise the joys of Overwatch and ensnare some more helpful people.



Mah partner. Be lovely you monsters.

who dis?

nahh welcome to the madhouse!

Welcome aboard to the good ship ZiiP!

Oh hi there!

New phone, who dis

Hi and Welcome

O hai noob!

Erm, one rule - get teh drinks in! Glasgow Rhubarb and ginger gin for me, please. Double, just over ice, no mixer, kplzthx :smiley:

Sorry, only got White Russians available for the night.

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Good evening and welcome to ZiiP. I have come here for 2 reasons.

  1. To welcome you.
  2. To drink White Russians…
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K, so I suggest you come back suitably equipped… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mind, owt is better than nowt! :wink:



nice gif, it really ties the thread together.


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Christ you actually signed up.


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Always with the enthusiasm…


Sorry, only got White Russians available for the night.


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Welcome and another bunch of characters

Welcome along to the mad house

Welcome to the madhouse!

As others have said, the first round is on you. I’m feeling a tad delicate today, so I’ll just have one of your fanceh white russians…

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I had one but then I went and drank it…