Has the new ARMA DLC been created just for Angelclaws?

Just browsing the new ARMA DLC with the new aid/peace faction… saw this screenshot. I hear that this screen is going to be placed on the walls of the prison when we play escape… eh @Angelclaws?


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F*ck that! The “civilians” are patrols in disguise!



Better safe than sorry!

You would think though that after 4 years on that damned island that they would know the basic rules by now!

You have to keep asking yourself why we keep ending up in jail? It all points to one thing!! We are always around when Hayley keeps the civies!

that’s the pacific camo, so we’ve only been on that island for ~15 months. That’s insufficient to earn a ‘Civilian Mortality and Rights’ diploma, let alone a Pacific Theatre Non-Combatant Identification BSc.

It wouldn’t be so bad but you don’t even need to kill them to take their vehicles, they’re just dying for ‘sport’ now. And i don’t buy the argument of ‘he’s clearly an enemy combatant because he’s equipped with a compass’.


oh but he is! why else would he have it?! WHY?!! and why would he just drive “randomly” up to escaped prisoners, jump out the vehicle and lay on the ground… maybe that car has a tracker… or a bomb…


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To tell what way he’s going because he doesn’t have GPS?

Because he doesn’t have shacktac installed?

he doesn’t drive up ‘randomly’, he drives up randomly. Our escape coincides with them driving around their island. There’s no causal relationship between the two within the context of the game. That’s what a coincidence is…

The car doesn’t have a tracker, or a bomb, because there are no mechanics in the game to do that. He’s there because the island has a civilian population, of which he is part, and that population on occasion needs to travel around in vehicles. Not everything is a conspiracy, some people just love murdering the innocent :stuck_out_tongue:

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All spies. They get rewarded for reporting our position to patrols and choppers! Dont you think its a bit uncanny we walk a long a road and a car stops at us, shortly followed by a patrol of soldiers?? hmmm? hmm?

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We could test this theory by killing all civilians on sight?

thank you @Scottyboy

I don’t think it’s uncanny, i think it’s a result of how the mission is laid out and how it spawns things in an area around you to simulate it being a real island and not a computer simulation, and how the civilians are in a vehicle and therefore reach us before the pedestrian infantry do more often than not.

your conspiracy theory regarding arma reminded me of this, so in my head your argument and this are intrinsically interlinked.

One countries freedom fighters another countries terrorists!.

Anyway, so the mission is laid out, to allow the civilians to actually be spotters and update your position. Some of them have camouflage bandannas on. That’s proof enough for me.

Are you sure? They report position, but that only goes to their faction, and only if they have radios (honestly can’t remember if they do).

the soldiers in a civvy vehicle and the actual military drivers (where they look like a civ but there’s no message when you kill them) are separate things in the unit/encounters lists, so they’re the same faction as the enemy.

I’ve updated the mission file. On civilian death, the mission fails.

In testing, the mission ended before leaving the prison as civilians died in vehicle spawn explosions. Both this and the original mission are on the server. With identical names.

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! Brilliant.

Can you incorporate the new faction? Acting as peacekeepers… watching from the hills.

Technically yes i can.

Realistically i will wait until someone does it better than i could, and download their pbo :slight_smile: