Headset advice please

My dad has said he will buy me some new headphones for xmas but i’ve been looking for a LONG time and im torn between two and would like some advice.

Option 1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset

I can use it on everything even xbox with some fiddling.Very expensive and seen reviews saying about ‘flat’ audio what ever that means. Has bluetooth so can duel audio in.

Option 2. Sony WH-1000XM3

can bluetooth to my TV/phone for game audio and use a separate mic. noise cancelling and a much smaller profile when wareing.

Both are high rez audio so im torn any advice?

What functionality do you actually want? I always advice against “headsets” and rather go for a more modular approach. A good set of headphones and a modmic are sound wise the much better option, BUT if you need bluetooth functionality then that wouldn’t be an option.

My favourite for gaming so far is the DT 990Pro (or one step down DT 880) from Beyerdynamics. They are extremely light headphones with good sound. I can wear them for hours without noticing I actually have headphones on. That together with a modmic is my starting recommendation. They are not the best sounding headphones but definitely the most comfortable so far.

If you want a real headset/Bluetooth at any cost then I would go with the Sony’s or the Audiotechnica ATH-ADG1X (no bluetooth). Never buy headhpones from a gaming focused manufacture. They won’t last long and sound, in general, terrible.

other headphone options:
I also own the DT 1990 which are great, BUT they have slightly tighter headband. The Sendy Aiva are my go to for music right now, astonishing detail but a bit heavier than the 990s. I owned a pair of the Audiotechnica M50x but found them a bit flat and uninteresting. I modded a pair of Fostex T50RP MK3 and they were on par with the 990s, but that needed quite some fidding around with getting the materials and new ear pads.

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my main focus would be console gaming as my current steelseries set works great on PC with USB but is awful with console with just a small jack. bluetooth isn’t needed per say just handy. i liked the arctis due to it have otical i could plug right into my ps4/xbox one and not have to faff about with other wires are such i have very limited space left on and around my desk you see.

Technical the Steelseries looks good, but I wonder about build quality and especially sound quality. Flat basically means nothing really stands out, the highs mid and low frequencies all mix together, which could either mean it just has a flat frequency response OR/and it is not very detailed. For what it is, it seems a bit expensive.

The Sonys got pretty decent reviews, even on audio focused websites, so it comes down to functionality. The wireless adaptability of the Steelseries and its base station is a big plus. That thing has a few really nifty features. At the end it comes down to what you want more, You want other people to hear you better, buy the Steelseries, if you want better audio quality for yourself buy the Sonys :smiley: .

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Be aware that the Sony’s hi-res are only when wired.

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thanks guys big help :smiley: im edging towards the steelseries due to the amount of stuff it can do thank you!

I’ve heard very good things about the Steelseries Pro Wireless.

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I would suggest those due to the versatility out of the box.

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