My Razer Krakens are on there way out now loose connection. Was contemplating a 7.1 usb jobby or indeed wireless just coz wire free. I had tried a set if madcatz usb that the misses boughr me a few years back, and they had a buzz which was annoying. So I have been reluctant ever since. Wireless, lag concerns me but not sure if a thing.

What do you guys use? Views opinions? I would only ever use them. For pc, not on the go by the way.

Sennheiser HDR170 here. It is wireless as I kept on drunkenly dragging the cables before the wireless setup. Then a separate mic with a boom arm. I can highly recommend the Sennheiser kit.
If you are really in to audio then get something decent with a wire and a proper dac.

lol Yup. Think this may be a contributory factor to my loose connection.

Im not so much of an audiophile that I really need a DAC. Those dont have mic built in do they? Il probably opt for all in one mic/headphone combo.

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Mine cost me about 30 quid and do the job. No idea of maken or model lol

The wireless ones do not have a mic. They have the “gaming” range, but those all have wires.
I’d say that do some googling to get the price/performance figures on stuff. My wireless headphones were about 200 euro when I got then and then the mic with the “power supply” and the boom was around 70.

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Oh been doing plenty of googling. Always good to get thoughts from others though. I take it you dont notice any lag with the wireless.

There is no lag with these ones. Theyu are very good that way.