Headteacher sacked for Crypto mining

So a headteacher of a school in China was sacked for setting up a crypto farm - that cost £1600 a month in electric to run and clogged up the school network.

Of course, he was doing it all wrong! He shouldn’t have hidden it… but instead implemented it as an ‘experiment’ for the students to help them understand and teach blockchain and mining. Then it could have been semi-legitimate-ish.


£1600 a month for 8 mining setups? That seems high.

I was talking about this with a colleague and he pointed out that a large amount of UK schools have had to turn to their own ways of bringing money in - this could be an option!

Though I think there would be legal issues putting public money in to such a setup even if it did generate an income.

Edit: Realised the picture seems to show the actual rigs which certainly look like they could eat £1600 worth of power when you have 8 running.