Heat Signature - Top down spaceship hijacking game

I got this over teh weekend and tried it tonight.

HOLY SHIT - this is one of the smartest little games that has come out in ages.

Trailer’s below:


Clever trailer - made me think of Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Made me smile.

It’s a superb little game. You get a wrench in the face and you get a wrench in the face and you get a wrench in the face. EVERYONE gets a wrench in the face!


The achievements sum up the tone

“Well done” - knock yourself out with a wrench!

This game is ingenious.

One ship I was on had armored guards. I couldn’t assassinate him with what I had…

But I did have:

a Swapper (teleports you and one another - swapping them around)
A wrench (you can throw it and it can crack glass)
A room facing outer space - with glass

5 seconds later, the guard is hurtling out of the window and I’m stealing the ship.

On the reverse, I got myself cornered and had to extract myself from a spaceship. I had a pistol, about 5 shielded guards and there was a room with an explosive cannister.

I shot the cannister, we all get sucked out.

Que me remote controlling my ship and crawling back in with 5 secs of oxygen spare.

It’s really quite a well done little thing :smiley:


Might have to check this out as I really enjoyed Gunpoint (so much random humour in that too) and with this being from the same devs it might be my cup of tea :slight_smile:

New releases aside I bet there are plenty of hidden gems on steam that I have yet to discover!

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Fucking hell. Everything was going great with my first character…

Then I tried a medium assassination mission (I only noticed the mission board last night, I had just been raiding random ships the whole time :smiley: ) and upon entry to the ship, I got nailed by a turret and then kept in my pod until we docked at a security station.

Then I tried a simpler mission, miscalculated a shot and got knocked the fuck out and lost another character in less than 5 minutes.



So I’m noticing the character mechanic acts as a “try other stuff” button

The more your character does the less liberation points you get. So using the same one repeatedly is pointless.

As you unlock more stations there are more characters…btw if you find a Ysa Davis Stealth Field, I retired her and her item now appears in your games :slight_smile:

IF your characters get demolished another player may end up rescuing them in their game…rather interesting mechanic that!


Here’s a few of my retired badasses. Say hey if you come across 'em.


It was beautiful…and unplanned…and poorly executed…and…I won!

Raided a random very large ship. Found a subverter in one of the first chests. Clambered about half way through, subverted a concussion turret and forgot about it.

Went full on Barry Bigdick and went for a room with lotsa dudes in with adjoining rooms that also had lotsa dudes in…but…all dem dudes had teleporters. Managed, some fucking how, to kill all but three dudes then got whacked. Being carried back…the dude passes my subverted turret aaaaand - WHACK. I’m back in the game.

Went back and twatted both the remaining dudes and their teleporters - dicks.

Got some decent gear outta that random ship!


I wasn’t sold on this until hearing the stories from you guys - Ima dl this when I get home