Hell Let Loose



We are aiming to do an unscheduled Community Play Test this weekend March 1st - 4th , for our backers who played in the previous Beta weekend. This will likely be played on the Hurtgen map and is in addition to more beta weekends we are planning. We want to gather feedback on core meta changes and other tweaks we have made to help resolve some issues we noticed in the previous Beta weekend. This is simply to let you all know what we are planning so you are aware and can make any necessary arrangements so you can be involved. We will followup over the next couple days and let you know what changes you can expect to see. Thanks again to the entire community for the ongonig support and feedback as we continue development!

Don’t forget to stay up- to date on Discord here: https://discord.gg/uTaTFV5



Join us on the front line!

We’re pushing along at full steam as we bug fix and solidify many core aspects of the game. We’ve read and collated all feedback from the previous testing waves and have either fixed or prioritised the order of the issues being fixed. We’re excited to announce:

The next Hell Let Loose Beta wave will start on April 5th.

To our Recruit backers, we’re excited to invite you to prepare for battle for the first time.

We’ve been working hard on the Sainte-Marie-Du-Mont overhaul. We’ve optimised every aspect of it, updated the visual quality of many of the assets, added lots of micro-terrain and populated the map with new buildings. You can find images of the map below.


I enjoyed the last beta; they have come along way. I will be joining this beta.


Yeah, didn’t join the last one due to Anthem. Will be on this on on the Friday night at least.


Really looking forward to this game developing. And I actually quite enjoy not being part of the BETA. I have a good sense of anticipation for it.