Hell Let Loose


I’m in at veteran level.

Anyone still got a copy of COD 2 in the mean time?
I’m feeling nostalgic.


Scrub this… backer 5355

Total so far 302,000 AUD (4 hours to go)


At Close:

AU$ 308,368
pledged of AU$ 136,000 goal


USD $230,000 - Marvie Map (AUD $299,400) - Achieved

USD $240,000 - Scout Vehicles (AUD $312,400) Just shy.


For those that missed the kickstarter, you can still back here: https://www.hellletloose.com/preorder

Total has passed 241K USD and have achieved another goal, SCOUT VEHICLES.


I’m interested, but REALLY wary of backing an FPS during construction. More wary than pretty much any other game type. So much of making a shooter ‘feel right’ doesn’t really come together until the last moments, and it vastly changes whether it’s enjoyable to play or not. Fine-tuning movement algorithms, visual and audio feedback, efficient network code, and so on…

I’m entirely up for it, but I think I’ll hang on and see what they come up with.


@DM501 - they have a playable game as shown in the videos… it was one of the ideals they had before it went to kickstarter


Then ignore everything I said and move contentedly on with your day :smiley:


Yep - I agree with your sentiments @DM501, but in this instance, the developers have actually been building this since 2015 - and now they are at the point where they are pushing to the final details… a release of the beta in Q1 2018 implies that most of the core stuff is done - and judging by their videos… it feels that way too.

I suspect what has actually happened here is that the developers have used Kickstarter as a marketing tool to create a buzz (It looks because they can show a LOT more than a concept in the their videos) as apposed to using it as a revenue generator - Sure, It’s a great way of generating a bit of extra pocket money whilst creating a community around the game - which will be ultimately the most important part for its long-term survival.

They must have had outward investors from 2015 plow a lot more money into this than just what the KS had generated.


I vote the first priority - providing a server is feasible and if so when we get one - be ping limitation.


The way to get that implemented, as well as other constraints that would benefit the game, is to be involved - en masse - at the earliest opportunity.

We know this gaming environment. This is OUR environment. If others start to try and influence the game in directions that mimic other bullshit - we need to voice on their forums that there are oldskool ways.

We’ll find others with similar opinions doing that - like we did on the EA-UK forums back in the day. We also can’t complain if the game isn’t what we like if we haven’t actively joined in with feedback on the alpha and betas.

If we want this game to be a success - I think we should get fully involved with it.

/2 cents


It will be like BF2 official EA forum all over again.


Has everyone confirmed your backing of these project? Apparently, some banks have stopped payments going through.
If your bank/credit card company has prevented the payment, you will need to pay via Paypal but you only have until 15th November!

You also need to complete the survey from Kickstarter to confirm how you are paying.


I got an email to confirm - I checked and mine had gone through fine but I used the power of grayskull


Use Google Translate but it has a new video from the Axis point of view, rather than the US defending a barn.


@NaloaC just came to me that I still need to pay you for this! How much and best way to send it sir?


Pffft, no can do ol’ buddy.


Now now, I shall be sending you money!


Just been doing a little map appreciation for Hell Let Loose. For some reason I suddenly started wondering how much of the game will be hedgerow fighting around farms and how much will be house to house street fighting. So I plugged the name of the main town from the south of the map (St Marie Du Mont) into google maps…

A cursory glance seems to suggest that the church is there but very little of any town structure is in place. It looks like mostly farmland and hedgerows. The area itself seems very well mapped, the main roads all follow actual mapping, but I’ll be very interested to see what they’ve put in and what they’ve left out in order to balance the approaches to both main start points, which is what I’m assuming the two corners will be.

I’m just trawling around now trying to find how many different maps there will be - so far I see that the stretch goals alone have enabled 9 - a Marvie Map and 2 each for Eastern European, Operation Market Garden, Falaise Pocket and the Pacific Theatre. With sizes suggested at being in the 4 km x 4 km size this is amazing.



Awesome work Spoonster :heart_eyes:


The forums for backers are up and running now :slight_smile: