Hell Let Loose


For those like you who kicked for multiple keys, is it only you that can access them?


I haven’t received any additional keys or logins, but I’ll have a look-see for information pertaining to that.

I got 4 or 5 keys for folk, so I would imagine that it also meant I get forum access to those I send them on to?

Specifically, this is what I get:

6× Closed Beta access of Hell Let Loose
6× Closed Alpha access of Hell Let Loose
6× Steam Early Access key for Hell Let Loose
6× Early access to our forums
6× Founder forum badge
6× Veteran forum title and badge


And the admin response:

Essentially you will have to submit email addresses to us so we can create those accounts. We will let you know how and when soon.


I still need to send you money for this @NaloaC


Not a fuckin’ hope! :smiley:

Consider it a gift to those that got it.


I have not received anything yet :frowning:


You are simply the best, better than all the rest.



Yeah, I’ve not received anything either… Have to have a check…


So what kind of astromech droid name have they given me here?? Best I have the ability to catapult light sabres out of my head and electrocute people in the testicules or there’ll be all hell let loose…


I’ve signed up. You may recognise my name and probably my avatar. :wink:


You can edit your name ya nonce :stuck_out_tongue:


Right - sorry for being thick as it has been a long week. Did you get a link to the forum? What have you received so far?


Got an email.

20 chars


Aha! Got it 7 o’clock this morning… and didn’t notice. Cheeeers :slight_smile:


Want us to send you emails @NaloaC?


Once there is a signup form, I’ll let folk know :slight_smile:


Yay - I am on the forums… email was in SPAM folder


Doods, I need your email addresses so that I can sign you up. PM sent to all so I have details in a single location.


I will sort these out once I have replies from all 5 people :slight_smile: