Hell Let Loose


Dibs on medic


Medics are needed! Oh hell are you needed…

Just had a quick 10 minute blast on a server :slight_smile:

  1. I need to tweak the graphics. 22FPS is difficult to work with when scouring for a target.
  2. Stick with your squad. Lone Wolf and you’re fucked.
  3. Suppression works really nicely. 2 of my squad got dropped in front of me, I hit the dirt, bullets flying overhead and everything went muffled and slightly blurred vision.
  4. Weapon sounds are ace, but learn to recognise them! :smiley:
  5. Unloading an MG-42 on 3 lads crossing a roadway and emptying your ammobag into them is insanely satisfying.
  6. The movement is ala Bad Company 2, so no “side-sprinting” and you cannot move when ADS and crouched.

So far, this looks very promising.


Bollocks. Got in late from in-laws and forgot to get this downloading


My god I’m in love. I hope this isn’t ruined by dicks. Proper squads and stuff… and comms.

Love the art style and the hedgerows. :smiley:

I feel we are going to be getting behind this.


Actually jumped in a squad with pubbers, and they all managed to roughly get themselves organised… couple of brits, and aussie and a german - following the squad leader, attacked an objective from a combined approach. Was asked to cover the road as I had the LMG. My god that makes a noise and suppressing fire is totally a thing.

There is multiple radio comms to your squad, the platoon and I think a commander. I think the C key is broken though and transmits to everyone because people were saying not to use it… worth checking.

The community is decide how this develops. It feels like BF2. We made BF2 good because of our community. I have a hunch that a LOT of people in ZiiP are going to like this.


Does look interesting. Mechanics seem nice, comms isnt working great. No idea whos talking. Did see a server call viop test, hopefully they are working on that.

2 matches and still not seen an enemy. Push up one side of the map taking points with no contact. Could be interesting. Jurys out for me.


bare in mind there is a lot of walking at the moment because there are no vehicles…


yeah but what sort of walking; jungle jogging, urban ambling, city sprinting, medieval-village meandering, rural rambling, space hopping? GIVE ME ALL THE DETAILS!


There are a lot of open fields, some destroyed building and plenty of roads. You need to check your line of fire, because there are NO friendly markers at range :smiley: I’m pretty sure I put a few K-98 rounds over a friends shoulder…


The comms are interesting. Probably not new but I like that you can hear th in game voip using left and right stereo and that it fades with distance. Can anyone confirm that you can hear the enemy voip as well?


Just played in a 70+ game and it was just chaos.

No idea who was talking and I was getting hit in the back by friendly fire constantly.
Once comms are sorted and people learn how to communicate between squads; I can see myself sinking quite a few hours into this.

Squads are groups of 6, so how many people have the Alpha here on Ziip?


One of my first kills. Squad markers show at a medium distance… friendly players do not until you are right next to the - easy enough to work out a German helmet though with a bit of thought.

Heard gunfire to my left… checked the map for friends… no one near by. Popped the guy with my lovely KAR98.


At the very least, there are 9 of us, probably closer to 12.


Building a FOB/Rally (mobile respawn point) or supply point

You need to be the squad leader. Press B, then press 1 or 2 respectively. Press B again to select - you’ll then see the shadow of the radio or supply boxes. Black means it can’t be placed, White means it can. I tend to find you need to look directly at your feet to place it.

You need an assault soldier from your squad to be next to you to place FOB.


The game has automatically set my battle-weary i7 2600k to EPIC on every graphical setting… whilst that’s very pretty, I am getting about 20fps as a constant… and that is proving difficult to aim or be fun.

There is currently a bug where if you use ‘C’ to squad chat, it actually transmits to all squads of your name (like Bravo) on ALL servers. Fuck knows how they managed that as a bug - I guess it is because audio comms is handled by its own server.

The game is difficult. I can see the long walks being a bit of a bore… so when vehicles are added, it’d be a lot faster.

I also think the game will be completely different as a squad. It is more like ARMA in respect to there is a lot of non-combat until you come under fire or directly attack a point… then all hell breaks loose.

Can’t wait to see how this develops into a full game.


I think Medic is bugged too - you can revive someone once, but then I’ve not been able to revive anyone else until I respawn.

Atm no one is placing Flags or Observation Points - Kinda makes running across the map a pain.


Yeah, this game requires a squad on comms.

I have to keep remembering though, it is in Alpha… a lot can improve.


Yeah it’s Alpha so I’m not gonna be too judgmental right now.

It’s pretty hilarious hearing people rage at each other from different servers though :smile:


Yeah also bear in mind that those spawn points can be both camped if they’re obvious and destroyed. Not sure yet how many times you can re-deploy a spawn point if at all. Love the look of it though, although even with a really “busy” server you’re still running to find the hotspots.
Frankly I’ve no interest in listening to people who rage on the servers. This is Alpha gameplay. If someone is doing something you don’t like - crack on. I was looking at a map getting bearings and checking out some clipping points between a wooden polk and a stone wall and a friendly watching me decided I wasn’t being aggressive enough and shot me. Funnily enough, I was still within the cap zone for the area, bandaged myself and watched him run ahead and get shot at the obvious choke point…


Yeah - I hate that on a game that has been out less than 24 hours, there are people giving grief at others learning the ropes. My experience so far has been people asking questions and kind folk answering them. TIL I learnt that ‘T’ brings up the capping screen. which was nice.

On another round I had my squad leader shout at me “Gid’ over 'ere, Boy!” - as he wanted to use me to place a relay beacon - I’d normally take mild offence at such language aimed at me, but because he did so in such a deep south American accent, I figured it just added to the atmosphere of the game perfectly. :smiley:

Sir, Yes Sir!