Hell Let Loose


Has this died a death? I have heard no news about? has anyone else?


Not heard a thing :frowning:


Yeah, bit disappointing.


Latest that I can see from their forums is that a beta should be available in the next few weeks.

We’ll have to wait and see.


Hi @everyone !(https://discordapp.com/assets/b731b88b6459090c02b8d1e31a552c5a.svg) -

We are not far now from the much anticipated end of Q3, and we do have lots to share. We are very aware we have been holding back on official announcements and although this was a calculated decision, it has been excruciating for the team to keep an intentional lid on things. Thanks to everyone for the support and patience shown, we appreciate the hell out of it. Over the next week we will begin to update all of our channels and forums to inform the entire community from our backers to our thousands and thousands of followers and supporters, of an impending #special_news_bulletin

(https://discordapp.com/assets/dac20f2ccbd28f469f3154cfe6ea1709.svg) . Further and more frequent updates are to come in the very near future !

(https://discordapp.com/assets/f0835a46b501ae0a182874b003fdbb65.svg) - We aim to be as open and transparent as ever, and can’t wait to lift the curtains and let hell loose!

Cheers from the Black Matter team[:smile:]

Taken from their Discord channel


So much has been happening behind the scenes at Black Matter since the conclusion of our Closed Alpha in May. Just when we think we can’t get busier we manage to reach a new milestone or dev goal and a new wave of testing and integration begins.

We’re excited to let you know that we’re much further ahead in development than we ever expected to be at this time, and as a team we had to decide whether we wanted to release incremental updates that would trickle out over a long period of time, or show you the full scope of what we’ve finished all at once.

Announced yesterday:


Those of you that have played BFV, has it killed, or wounded, HLL?

They seem to have delayed anything new until Q2 of 2019 - and I just sense that this is going to be one of those projects that gets delayed time and time and time again until no one cares.

Does HLL offer something different enough to BFV?

That’s a damn shame, but understandable.


Could it be a calculated move to avoid releasing in the hype-wake run up to, during or post BFV release?

Or maybe they’re changing some stuff to stand apart from BFV a bit more?

Listen to me, trying to be positive for a change!


Who are you and what have you done with vred?

I’d forgotten all about this game if I’m honest. Too many early releases suffer from this. Loads to start with and then you forget about it before it’s even released


I am still waiting patiently for this game. I miss squad play and playing with friends.

BF V will be fast paced, still tactical with 2 squads of ziip (4 man squad yuk!)

I have BF V on pre-ordered and will play that as its a game that is available.

I am still hopeful for HLL and I hope there are peeps that are hopeful too.


Not been involved in HLL. But I would be inclined to agree with @micjules. BFV is fast paced! certainly on Grand Operations. Its quite intense. But there is a great satisfaction with building defenses as you attack and defend to adapt each point to your needs. But that aside, I always felt that HLL was going to offer more of a ARMA3 style approach to WW2 theme? Not sure if thats fair assessment. Id still be interested in this game though for sure.


Team 17 to publish hundred-player WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose

As the cycle begins anew, World War 2 shooters are in vogue once more and Hell Let Loose is ready for the front lines. Developed by new studio Black Matter, it’s a gritty, semi-realistic World War 2 team shooter for teams of up to fifty players a side. There are unit classes, vehicles to drive, ride in or escort and apparently a resource-gathering strategic layer in-between matches. It’s due for an early access release in 2019 after a successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign, and seems quite far along in development as you can see in the grimy, muddy combat footage below.

From the look of the footage, this looks more Red Orchestra than Battlefield 5. Bullets are extremely deadly, explosives rip bodies to shreds and armoured units feel invulnerable up until the moment an AP shell tears through them. Each of the fifty-player teams has a commander, who can issue orders via a tactical map. Whether they will will likely hinge on the kind of crowd the game attracts, combined with whether there’s any inherent reward provided for following orders. As described, the maps sound large and complex too, based on real aerial photos and satellite imagery.

Being the shamelessly casual scrub that I am (give me regenerating shields and plasma guns any day), it all looks a bit daunting, but I can easily see the appeal here for the Flare Path crowd. Realistic, larger-scale World War 2 manshootery set in vast forests, across hedgerows and into mortar-battered farmsteads is something that hasn’t been tackled much lately. The scope of the conflicts – fifty players a side – is interesting too. Easily possible in the battle royale era, but I’m interested if they can make it feel coherent when Battlefield feels wild and messy with only 64.

While Black Matter and their publisher Team 17 aren’t ready to pin down a date yet, Hell Let Loose should be launching as early access in the new year. You can find it here on Steam.

Was the plan always Early Access?



Looks reet up Pantehs street. Commander mode!


Wow that video played great!


Very impressive.


Was Early Access always the intention for this project?

Bothers me when Kickstarter projects are used to fund a project into Early Access which is then used to fund in to release.

Regardless of my personal feelings on Early Access, this looks great.

I’m feeling an itch to play this unlike COD:WW2 or BFV and look forward to playing some games with you lovely folk.

@Leepants - You going to check this out? I agree with the others that this seems like its up your street.


It’s not unsurprising that it’s going to go to Early Access to be honest.

The Kickstarter project got it funded to get it off the ground, since they now have it on Steam, there’s no harm in trying to fund it further through Early Access.

Glad to see Team 17 picking this up! A bit different from their Worms back-catalogue.

The video certainly looks nice though!


My big problem with early access games is they just tend to use them as a very long beta and by the time they release them you’ve moved on to another game.

Honestly how many games have you got in early access that you still are playing regularly?


If sheep bombs aren’t in it, I’m going to be disappoint.


A Team17 game with no sheep bombs?