Hell Let Loose


Only two I can think of out of the dozens I’ve bought or had any interest in.

There is the problem of perpetual Early Access as well.

I don’t feel like this is a cash in, I just don’t remember reading about that being an intended route - maybe a part of the Team17 deal?

@NaloaC - Are the keys we redeemed on Steam going to work for the Early Access release or will there be a separate key do you know?


If you go to the page on Steam, it does say that this game is already in your library - so that’s an optimistic sign.


I’ll check when I’m home, cheers boss.


Yeah, they keys you have should give you access to the Early Access version (and all alpha/beta versions as they come available). In time, it will give you the full version as well.

As per the Kickstarter page;

Platoon Pack

Field a whole Platoon! This pack includes all the benefits of the Veteran pack for you and five others at a lower price.


  • 6× Closed Beta access of Hell Let Loose
  • 6× Closed Alpha access of Hell Let Loose
  • 6× Steam Early Access key for Hell Let Loose
  • 6× Early access to our forums
  • 6× Founder forum badge
  • 6× Veteran forum title and badge


Just got an email update. Which is nice.


I need a wee :upside_down_face:


Ahh no Pants, this isn’t a Nintendo game!



moar werdznshit


mwah :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


@Scottyboy Fortifications! Building stuff!!


Lots of info and Videos!