Hell Let Loose


Only two I can think of out of the dozens I’ve bought or had any interest in.

There is the problem of perpetual Early Access as well.

I don’t feel like this is a cash in, I just don’t remember reading about that being an intended route - maybe a part of the Team17 deal?

@NaloaC - Are the keys we redeemed on Steam going to work for the Early Access release or will there be a separate key do you know?


If you go to the page on Steam, it does say that this game is already in your library - so that’s an optimistic sign.


I’ll check when I’m home, cheers boss.


Yeah, they keys you have should give you access to the Early Access version (and all alpha/beta versions as they come available). In time, it will give you the full version as well.

As per the Kickstarter page;

Platoon Pack

Field a whole Platoon! This pack includes all the benefits of the Veteran pack for you and five others at a lower price.


  • 6× Closed Beta access of Hell Let Loose
  • 6× Closed Alpha access of Hell Let Loose
  • 6× Steam Early Access key for Hell Let Loose
  • 6× Early access to our forums
  • 6× Founder forum badge
  • 6× Veteran forum title and badge


Just got an email update. Which is nice.


I need a wee :upside_down_face:


Ahh no Pants, this isn’t a Nintendo game!



moar werdznshit


mwah :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


@Scottyboy Fortifications! Building stuff!!


Lots of info and Videos!



BETA inbound in January 11th - 14th. :slight_smile:


Latest update about game mechanics;


FAO peeps!


Email subject line: Hell Let Loose - Closed Beta Announcement & Key(s)

Hi @everyone

If you backed us on Kickstarter or PayPal and have already redeemed your key from the ALPHA period, you do not need to worry as this is the same key and will work for Closed-Beta, Early Access and for full release of the game. If for any reason you did not receive your key, all keys have been re-sent so please check your emails. Only after you have checked your email including Spam/Junk folders and feel you have still not received your key, you can contact support@hellletloose.com

NOTE FOR RECRUITS: If you are a Recruit tier backer you will need to wait for a later round of testing where we will aim to get you in before Early Access! Unfortunately we can’t upgrade you at this time, we appreciate your patience and support.

FORUM ACCOUNTS: We are still working on making sure everyone has access to the forums and are able to link their accounts to the Discord. This feature is currently being updated and we will let you know when it is functioning correctly.

DOWNLOAD We will let you know as soon as the client is pushed to STEAM. The Closed-Beta download is approximately 7.7gb if installing first time. If you still have the ALPHA client it will be approx 5.5gb update. The total Disk Space required is 15.6gb. We will continue to update you with more info as we head into Closed-Beta which will commence on the 11th of January at approximately 11am GMT and end 14th January 11am GMT.

CLOSED-BETA GUIDE: Important info Please read! - http://bit.ly/HLL-Closed-Beta-Guide


See you on the Hürtgen frontline

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I should be able to get on for around 3/4ish.


I am out Friday night, but want to get on for Saturday and Sunday.


downloading. Be on when I can :stuck_out_tongue:


Grrrr I’m out Friday & Saturday night, on teh plus side I’m actually starting 2019 with something that resembles a social life :?


This is looking really nice. High Hopes. Not in the beta but hoping to hear good things.