Hello everyone!

Howdy everyone, new member here!

I’ve had Caolan and Xander tell me to sign up here for a long time now, so I finally got around to it!
Looking forward to meeting some of you and playing some games!

Currently playing far too much PUBG at the moment, let me know if you fancy a game or two!



Hey Cobaas!

Fucking hell its been a while, nice one for signing up mate!

A few of us are on PUBG at times. Not regular like but definitely something we have a go at. A few of us managed to win once!

Welcome to the madhouse!

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Huzzah! He finally makes an appearance!

ZiiP, meet Conor.

Conor, meet ZiiP.

Some of you have met him during Caoland events.

@Frog51 should get in touch with ya at some point :slight_smile:


Hey Xander!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

We’ll get a few chicken dinners, im sure :wink:

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Also, since you’re the new kid on the block,

I’ll have a double Bushmills Black Bush, no ice, just a drop of water. Ta.

Thank Thank you @NaloaC

Cheers for the introduction!

Was waiting for that!

coming right up


It’s early so I’ll have a Honey JD ta :slight_smile:

Quite a few threads going on atm, get stuck in.

Hello and welcome! Being before 12 I’ll just have a Hendricks gin and tonic please!

I might need to look in to PUBG but got too many games atm.

Cheers buddy!

slides JD down the bar

Thanking you kindly!

Want some cucumber with that?

Welcome Welcome Welcome.

I am normally the designated driver but I’ll have a Spitfire Gold please.

I am an infrequent PUBG player - a quite a crap player at that but I have one chicken dinner to my name and a Youtube video to show it :slight_smile:

You need to convince Caolan to get the game :wink:

Anyways - add me on Steam and we can try and get a game or two going! Don’t forget to nip on to Teamspeak, best way to get a game going.

None of that devil food!!! Isn’t that right @NaloaC

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Amen to that dude. Stuff should be made extinct!

Hey Connor, welcome to the madhouse.

I’ll have whatever makes me violently sick. :slight_smile:

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I can still hearing the scream-retching…


Moooooorninggggggg! :smiley:

Do you play any other games?

Also PUBG - do you play 3rd Person or FPP or a mixture?

Wellcome to the club(cabal). PUBG 300h(most of it dying) in so definitelly up for some rounds of it.

Thanks very much @Jester!

I like the sound of that!