Hello everyone!


Not much else right now, too busy to get into anything else - PUBG is just handy to have a game or two since a round is only like 30 mins or so.

I mainly play 3rd person, but I do play 1st from time to time, not too fussed which one im playing tbh! how about you?


Mainly 3rd person but FPP has more tension.


Welcome along . Now your here…you can never leave :slight_smile:

I’ll have a pint of the driest most cloudy potent cider you can find:)


Now then! Welcome, dude. I would like Herno gin and Fever tree grapefruit tonic. Ta. :slight_smile:


Hello old ZiiP dude!


hello and welcome!

Ill just have a Bacardi and coke, hold the ice :sunglasses:


Would his hand not get very cold then?


what he does with the ice is up to him, as long as it is no where near me or my drink :joy::joy:


Hey, nice of you to join us. The only really important thing to remember is to never, ever do what Caolan or Xander tell you, especially Xander. Nothing they will ever suggest will come to any good.

Well except of course joining the forum, that’ll go splendidly.


hiya and welcome fella


Now then! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Pint of G and T please :slight_smile:


Good evening, and welcome to the middle of the show!