Hello old friends

May or may not remember me as Otis1337, (I think that’s what I use to go by then?)
Was a ziip regular back in the day,

Back when jester had his own online game store!
Still want that refund for Brink :joy:

Looking to link back up anyways.
What are you all mainly on nowadays?
Is there still a TS?

I play a lot of squad and modern warfare at the moment but happy to try other things.


Howdy Otis!

Welcome back to the fray.

No TS these days, we’re rollin’ with the hip kids using Discord now!

BRINK IS STILL AN AWESOME GAME! Go wash your mouth out.


Hello Otis - long time no see. Welcome back.

Still many familiar faces around. We’re on Discord rather than TS these days - If you use it, I’ll add you to the server.

Gaming wise, we’re pretty varied with different people playing different things. Few of us had a blast on Dayz for a few months, that’s died off a bit now. We’ve got a Sandstorm server that we use to play co-op now and again. Recently got a group together playing Planetside 2. Also into various VR stuff, racing games, flight sims - bit of everything really as it comes along.

Ahhh Brink… happy days. What was the replacement game that was FTP?

Dirty Bomb. I think they stopped supporting it :frowning:

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Ahh man, dirtybomb was ace.

I concur!

10 blah blah

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I really can’t get on with discord for voice chat. But I’ll give it another go.

Speaking of VR, iv got a HP reverb G2 on order so will be good to know other people with a headset.

Send me an invite to discord and I’ll try and wrap my head around it tonight.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Very interested in how you find the Reverb G2 :slight_smile:

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Otis, you slag! :grin: :call_me_hand:

Welcome back. I agree with N0tch on intersted on reverb review. Have you had VR before?

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Yes, my hype levels are off the scale lol.
This will be not only my first headset but also my first vr experience outside of the Google cardboard goggles from 10 odd years ago.

I was waiting for an index like experience at a more reasonable price, and the G2 is that imo.


Hey Up Otis. Welcome back home buddy. Jope you been keeping well

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Hello mate. Welcome back.

Keen to play squad. But maybe too serious for my current game playing habits. Did enjoy Project Reality mind and it looks pretty much same.

VR is awesome. Been an early adopter with HTC Vive original and now on Vive Cosmos Elite. Reverb 2 looks pretty decent. More quality games and content becoming available too which good. Star Trek Bridge Crew best fun I thinknI have had in a game ever playing it Multilayer.

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R I p P 3 R#3145

My discord

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