Help reno if a GFX card

long and short of it my 960 is about to die judging by the fan and need help is

a good cheap replacement?

Hi Reno,
Have a look:

Also I believe you are in the UK, so I would look at used stuff since the mining stuff is dropping off.

Yes, judging by that comparison, the 1050 is effectively a side-grade… if not a little bit worse in some areas.

If you can stretch your budget a little bit further… like £30 more - there is a super cheap 1060 on Amazon… It’s the 3GB version - but if you look at the comparison charts, it out performs your old card.

If your worrying about upgrading, have you looked in the case in case the fans a dirty and need cleaned? Could be causing fan noise.

Though if your using it as an excuse to upgrade, and why not, Jes’s idea looks a better option.

I can just about stretch that far il get that one

you can fix/replace cooling cheaper than buying new cards for sure; don’t suppose the current one is still under warranty?

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I check the warranty a year out of date downside to the onr jes suggested is that it wont be delivered till saturday

It is possible to lubricate the fan(depending on the model) if that is the problem. Also I would blow out any dust in the cooler first.

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Gone for the 4gb as i need it soon as possible really thanks for all the advice through

First thing i did cleaned the whole system out

Grand. This happened to one of my old 560s, the fans were just gone and I could not lubricate the bearing inside.

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The pc is a prebuilt as it was a gift from my dad as mu last pc gave up so i couldnt really push the boat out on what i was asking for but im gonna slowly replace parts nkw the cpu is next

Scan has the 1060 available for next day delivery…

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hmm ok if i push my budget a bit what about this

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The 1060 6GB is a lot more powerful than your old card:

Overwatch FPS - 69FPS on your old, 99FPS on the 1060*

Of course, it’s a lot more money - so you would hope that it is a good spec. The thing about GFX cards - is you don’t buy one that regularly… so if you are pushed to get one fast, then buy as best as you can afford. As you upgrade the rest of your kit over times, the 1060 will still be strong.

*obviously that depends on the rest of your system…

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That is actually a very good price for a 1060 6GB. If you can invest the money it is a good one.

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i have had to used my credit card that i’ve avoided but if it’s worth it i’l pay it off somehow

also as of ordering this i poked the fan on my GPU and it’s stopped stopped spinning completely now :S

my CPU is a bit pants i think i3 6100

Nah, the i3 6100 is a solid little chip - especially for gaming… lacks multi-core abilities for running VMs are stuff - but for gaming, or apps that care too much about that, the raw 3.7GHz is actually pretty good.


Thanks for all the help guys