Hi all!


Hi Guys,

Just got invited here by n0tch. He said it was a friendly group.

I hear that a few people also play Pathfinder/DnD as well?

Either way… PC gamer here mainly stuck in the Diablo 2 world. Although gearing up for the new season of D3 as well.

Plus spending far too much on Steam…


Welcome to the forums fella! First round is on you.

I’ll have a pint of Guinness and a Black Bush (no ice, just a wee dram of water).


Hello there. Welcome to the forum.

Mines is a Pint of IPA please.


Welcome welcome WELCOME!


I hear ya, man, I fuckin hear ya

…also howdy


Welcome! A friend of notch is a rare thing I hear! Anyways dry January here so will just have small gin and tonic



Check out the warhammer painting/boardgame thread, mixed bag of experience and games/systems and far too much money spent by a few of us on plastic crack!

Mines a pint of jager please.


Welcome. Yeah pretty freindly bunch of people.
I’ll have a Smithwicks please.


Oh if you are steam fiend or Origin follower, chuck your user tag and we can add ya as friends :slight_smile:


Welcome son.


I’m new too but hijacking the post while there is round going on to add mines a cider :smiley:


Well, if you’re here: I’ll have a another pint of jager please!


Welcome, another one please.


Good evening! And welcome, to the middle of the show… /unzip


Welcome, Russian Imperial Stout it is!

Hmm, I didn’t play D3 in a while but I might jump right on if you want. D2 LOD and D3 are probably still my most played games to date.


A man after my own heart!


LOD is probably my most played… closely followed by D3.

D3 season starts on the 18th. :slight_smile: deffo up for playing with anyone that is going to run the season.


hello and welcome to you both :slight_smile:

ah love the drinks round, Bacardi and coke x2 please :wink:


Welcome along to the mad house :slight_smile:


Greetings Spirit & bigcrab, I may as well carry on from Friday night so I’ll have a double Disaronno & coke (it’s all I drank & yes my head still hurts)